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Hello and welcome to bread and thread a podcast about certain domestic history i’m liz…
and I’m Hazel. We are two friends who studied archaeology together and love history, as well as making and or baking anything that we can so what have you been creating recently?
At your request. I have been trying to figure out how to mosaic crochet. It’s amazing I haven’t quite got my head around it. Yeah, because my brain says no, you can’t keep skipping everything that they think I’m almost there.
I really confess at this point I have actually never done mosaic crochet mosaic mixing, but I don’t know how you doing Thursday but and those that haven’t come across it mosaic, crochet or knitting a technique in which you kind of skip some stitches and do others in order to make it look like a mosaic and like to colours and contrasting colours interacting to make and recall physically is going to make me address and I asked what I can make a return because reciprocity and friendship is risky when so are really bad at finishing big projects will you learn this technique and make me a blanket so I’m trying. I am very excited and very much appreciate and I have finished the bank exactly once in my life, so it’s probably be black and hot pink all that a good combination combination look really bold and interesting, and also be really easy for me to keep track of which there is which. Excellent. So what have you been working on
i’ve been on a finishing kick at the moment, which is very odd for me and but I think that’s partly getting to the end of the year night. Basically, having finished much and I like I have quite a lot of projects and against the point it signs many dog guilty of finding new ones so you like. It’s time you know, so I am sure there are a lot of people that can repeat and so I’m kinda small. I finished a beaded Christmas bauble has a dragon is very, very call his name is Cedric and I love them very sparkly and so that’s a product from last year. That is finally done and now I’m finishing off a time earlier this year and you don’t have to admit how long I don’t even know but it is a crochet hat and it’s nice and I actually need a hat so I mean, as a measure of how long it’s been the young, the colour of this is actually faded a little bit at the top, from where it was left on the chair next to a window all along. Fortunately, it looks kinda cool. So is it an ombre hat and everything is funny that ombre hats are in this year is definitely not a trend that I don’t even know how trends work any more. That would bring back ombre hair. The thing I don’t remember on behalf of clothing was definitely a thing there was a while well liked. Everything was ombre, but it is not this day, so surprisingly related to trends and your see why. Would you like to learn about forks I most certainly would. I’m excited, cutlery, although I keep being tempted to pronounce it cuttlery. I thought that might be a different thing for life outside the cuttlefish version of humanities claims against cutlery. Actually, yeah, the cuttlefish thing and are used forcefully. I believe what it’s worth. Note that great fish or cutlery forks. The basic idea of something long and prolonged for grabbing things is, you know, you pick up a stick and you do that birds do, that the do think the first and eating forks are go with maybe 18th-century as is like a standards dinner table.

Okay you are right in terms of Great Britain all out for the oldest forks that archaeologists are sound date to potentially 2000 BC wow and Bronze Age civilisations alongside the yellow River in China, how, and to the pretty much always been used in China, which has been a class thing, because basically eating with a fork gives you more than overbite think there is a lot of people now have an overbite rather than looking like ancient skulls because it was forks how I remember vaguely hearing about so you can actually tell who’s been using a fork in the archaeological record and especially the hand
that’s amazing.
And these would be Bronze or later you have a bronze forks in Greece, Persia at any of these still usable, but I kind of like the idea of eating with Alvin Gerald for, you probably get kind of a weird taste from the pedigree on the bronze were only if you can steal from a museum. You could probably use it as far as I’m willing to go is ethical to steal an ancient book museum in order to perform experimental archaeology. Answers on a postcard,

so what’s next in the journey of the fork,
and so spread through the Middle East and then by the 11th century. We got it in Italy at the same time as pasta, especially long pasta like spaghetti becomes corporate more prominent. So between that and the noodles there is speculation that it’s basically forks were created versus earlier meeting with hands or with just a single spike for that we could eat noodles. I love that. And if you’re listening about it using chopsticks. Don’t worry forks were literally developed for this purpose.

Before you mentioned the word forks it did sound a bit like we were talking about a disease like spreading through the Middle East and in Italy and in a lot of diseases did spread through the Middle East into Italy Road. Yeah but they said, “the silk Road, but it’s forks for this box if I know ones right now in her box and see by the 1600s, you’ve got the middle and upper classes arriving to dinner with their own fork and spoon in a special box called the Kadena fancy which this specific thing the Kadena was then introduced to the French court by Catherine Medici, who you may know from the show. Rain amazing. I will admit to enjoying a bit of rain and but it’s been a while and it is the fork mentions like the auxin forks used in rain as I remember watching it and pointing out to Nick was forks of historically accurate like that. But they could have had historically accurate, and so they picked the ball a lot of shows even show set in the mediaeval era have people eating with two from forks, regardless of whether they actually would have. I assume because it looks kinda gross to see people picking up food like you only really see that when it’s like I’m Henry VIII and I am gluttonous and terrible and eat the meat with my hands. Yeah, through the bones of my shoulders, even though like this. A royal dining room. So yeah, we have writing by Cory’s Corrie’s from 1611 mentioning forks, but they were viewed as an Italian affectation and actual saint is on record as saying that it seemed effete and excessively delicate is effeminate to use a fork again, and actual saint was auntie for the next thing we can bring back in 2020 anti-forking. I feel like this is not the year to become less hygienic use of Dr Anthony recommends using a fork, so the forks and spreads to Britain with an so the fork actually spreads to England with Catherine of bring down the who was a Portuguese princess and wife of Charles II. Okay, that rings a bell because of the horrible histories done so, she introduces it to the English aristocracy in the 17th century and then by the 18th century, its expected that there will be forks if you go somewhere to eat. Okay, you don’t have to bring your own now like super fancy didn’t really become popular in the US until pretty much the American Revolution okay and Charles Dickens actually talks about people eating in Pennsylvania on a riverboat that they trust their broad bladed knives and to prompt forks further down the throats than ever I saw the same weapons go before except in the hands of a skilled juggler, Americans were apparently not good eating forks, according to Charles Dickens in 1842, dramatic, and is also cut from 1887 book of manners, explaining that forks are now fashionable and explaining to the reader how to use a fork correctly, including for eating ice cream and ice cream for so there are a lot of kinds of forks superbly have some of them like a chip fork leg. We talked about last time, or a desert fork with the long prongs and there is also a cake fork or pastry fork which I quite like which Bisley has one time flattened. I do like the cake fork. Yeah, so me and like scoop up the cake and then there is also an very various kinds of fork break the ice cream for the berry for an and the terrapin fork. What sorry terrapin fork and which was used for eating, turtle soup, because these are all sporks that, an important definition. There are different. You know that slightly different, so that you have to go miles to be fashionable are. And yeah, there is a chance that people like Jane Austen would have eaten with the spork. Amazing. I mean, I know they probably would have got that because like concept of matting to us yet. I wasn’t as big, but I like to imagine. Elizabeth looked winningly at Mr Darcy over her spork. It does make sense to spork these things because you got fruits served in syrup. Anyone and the syrup you got a soup which has bits in it or maybe spear a bit of terrapin when eating a turtle soup and. Interestingly, so during this kind of consider Jane Austen. People know what that is and ice cream is often served, moulded and have a slice of ice cream on a plate and you county off the plate with a spoon because that’s uncouth. No doubt you have a spoke cut a piece of the oft, the chunk from the mould that you got a new play any spirit or if it started to melt, you can scoop it up with. Again, your spork, possibly sterling silver spork from Tiffany’s as a breakfast at Tiffany’s because they did sell sporks are said that included sporks. Now I want Tiffany’s jewellery. I’m sure it is possible to still somehow get Silver sporks, even if it is only as a charm bracelet or something like an earring. I would love spork earrings while so at this point was it was. It’s still like last thing I had.

It spreads this box trickle down sporks don’t seem to triple down triple down, trickled down I can use words because these are yellow you are hosting dinner parties. Everything has to be very proper to get all the correct cutlery. Most people probably just use a normal fork. Most people would not have had ice cream imagine or total suit. Yeah, imagining like most lower class people and eating ice cream on the regular street food at this point in the little tiny at ice cream as a street food is double checked now precise but and the penny being way to get like an adult sheep and ice cream in a cup and and then you finish as they refill the cup to somebody this, the penny lick is late 19th century and was banned in Britain in 1899. Really, really sterilise the glasses cholera no yelling. Poorer people may well have had the berries in syrup and some of the things that you could eat with the spork but probably just used spoons. Okay, I am. I am just imagining up-and-coming merchant coming home, darling. I bought the sporks hours for: family display them fork with forklift so that is a brief history of forks and spot walks. That is fantastic and love it.
I mod pencil from polybag RPG ideas. We have a podcast if you like to hear RPG advice on how to use assorted incredibly bad ideas as actual ideas and actual game, then this is a polybag pocket available on pretty much everybody capture and from a bad day

and see if you want an episode about all anything you want. All C1 recipes. We have a patreon on a patron that has a discord server. You can also email us at bread and spread if you have any suggestions or ideas or am want to tell us whether or not it’s okay to steal the spot museum experimental archaeology and you can find us on Twitter at bread and thread. Hazel does our local Larder this week

jellied eels

Now this is quite a famous one and internationally famous it, but it’s certainly pretty famous within Britain and possibly Europe and as a London dish, specifically the East End of London you if you are a cheeky Cockney stereotypical East End food and it’s one of those things like fish and chips. That is like a tea at relatively cheap street food type thing. And although, as I will mention it develops into a thing, suggesting that people might be gentrifying food surprisingly well. Unsurprisingly, no one has yet managed to gentrified genuine surprises me. I like to gentrified brought during the early 2006. Pie and mash by mash shops have become me binding jellied eels are pretty sure still remains something that is quite particular to older people living in the sand and although there are still a few shots that I like doing a roaring trade is also debatable. It’s to still going out. I’m sure if I could become an aficionado of this regional dish. Myself and Eel is Eel as you expect, and it’s Eel and usually white, all with a kind of like special sauce, so get married but delicious usually contains things like herbs or spices and vinegar and and because the animal is quite eels are quite gelatinous so that kind of goes out into the source as you get and then when you put into pots and that all solidifies around Eel and preserved so as is it just the collagen from the Eel does that then rather than adding jelly in Calais. Yes, I remember maybe different recipes hanging around, and I’m not sure what you bought jellied eels and, say, a specialist market is something or you can get them in some national markets now as well, and they may contain extra preservatives shelf life and but I believe the traditional way to make them is is just to have the Eel stuff like preserving and because this is actually quite and all staying relatively and this, apparently, eels have been eaten for a long time and the rigours of Europe used to be absolutely full eels and unfortunately they are not really today and but back in the day the River Thames was chock-full of eels. They were super cheap and therefore they may great food for the masses like a great snack and so jellied eels go back at least as far as the 1700s and possibly older, but an this is a period where London is expanding quite rapidly in the Industrial Revolution, and so that becomes a thing like you can get stalls and shops, specifically selling jellied eels and, like Eel-based snacks, and so Eel pi is also popular and I would definitely eat your high I have tried jellied eels, jelly was offputting. I don’t do savoury jelly. Okay, yeah, I sometimes so try it in hi form absolutely. I hope to one day and there is still quite you shops in London where you can get apparently very good. Eel pi traditionally served with mashed and this is also served with what good Eel which is a source which is a bright green parsley and a new server like with the pie so that your client must show parsley accommodation like this and I mean it looks quite nice and so became Mike really very popular in the 19th century, Victoria, and though people who can afford to have a shop would be walking around with their like tray or their cart selling eels with these stills from the Thames at this point because I believe some of them still work but also a lot were being shipped over from places like the Netherlands as well, I’m just thinking about the whole the Thames was basically a big open sewers, saying those Eel libre were one of the very few fish that can survive in the Victorian veering at this so gradually, as the kind of street food in the city started to get a bit more formalised and I mash shops that is open and and they became like super popular and selling jellied eels as classic, apparently selling live eels as well home and and they there are pictures of some of the early 20th-century ones and their they have that real kind of Allsop aesthetic, you know, like the anti-hand-painted signs for cancers and so yeah, let’s hope for a new you know that Hannah that the tiled shopfronts that were popular in like late 19th and 20th centuries, and that its yeah Michael, so there are several famous families in London that still run these high heels.Eel dynasty. Yeah, I think this is right for like a peaky blinders style drama absolutely set in the Eel jellied eel business, so the old. Apparently Manzi Munns is unsure how M ANZ and founded by a immigrant from Italy in the 1870s and apparently began selling pies after failing in the ice cream business. I ended up with like a little Eel Empire like he had a few pie shops around London. This stereotype one is your you. Tell your new move to Britain so I but not in London know the sand eel and so one of the shops is still open and it pollen burst open and I mentioned that there is one open in another one on Sutton High Street, so the back of one of the original. So if you Wanna give it a go. You can go there and run by the family at the so that’s awesome. Yeah, and in 1998 and they opened the shop in Sutton and giving the family the chance to say that they ran the oldest and the newest biomass shops in London before them is great and must still be true. They have, and I guess them, but they still have the orders. There’s also the pie shops and which was also a popular chain and get quite a few other families are still going. So really have like a dedicated clientele who, coming back and I think it’s starting to become a bit of a thing as well as the most popular tourist in London because people like to try and apparently they they become quite popular with people like business lunches as well because secretary Blunt since a short history and modern day update on the jellied eel and you’ll hi situation and so you think which one would you try exploration and heal situation. Yes, and yet they don’t have any more ready and unfortunately the Beale situation in terms of the population of the country’s great but I believe most come from Europe or the full.

Thank you for listening. As we said, we do have a picture of young bread and thread if you want to check some pounds or dollars, or whichever currencies you jelly deal. If you and given when this episode goes up. Happy holidays. Whichever, if any, are celebrating a merry winter solstice, even to you all to thank you for listening and we will think you

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