Probably Bad Podcast: Pencil, Paper and a Live Show

It’s a very special time of year you know the one, the anniversary of the probably bad podcast. We did a livee show on the information superhighway, with the loving support of Hedwig and Carlo and you, whatever you are

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we have faces? we have faces. 2020s looking up. Welcome to our faces welcomes light streaking what
this is what I look (this is What we sound like Without nick editing things that I say so I apologise that
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I give it 10 minutes until one of us forget how the language works.
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making a cup of tea was a good idea.
chat has discovered the soundboard. shall we do an idea before we drown in geese and godzillas?. He can everyone feel free to listen. The idea like this fair time. So first idea was submitted by TD whisperer also one of the most popular ideas that were posted in 2020, congratulations, TD whisperer, you win a live show Dragon, who runs an orphanage, they hoard the children they raise.

They know I seem to remember this for the whole discussion about whether the Dragon kills parents and then adopt the orphans or just goes around finding orphans for like it’s important to establish which is true,

like I feel what you have. Is you have a dragon who kills parents and adopts the orphans and a second Dragon shows up to rescue those orphans and adopt them

makes sense they’re probably a bad parent.

Yet someone has asked whether the provenance of orphans really matters all that much i feel it does when the provenance is i’m doing murder.

I would argue legally the provenance of orphans is quite important
reasons of technicality whether someone is’s. It shows up as sometimes yes
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under the Baudelaires law

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sorry my neighbours have decided to join lifestream
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so there is also the question of when they become adults do they still count as orphans for the Dragon purposes. Are they all just kicked out in 18 possibly consumed at 18 because if Dragons adopted them it has told control over their diet so it can flavour them.
i like how we’ve gone from a fairly wholesome the dragon is adopting orphans to the dragon is fattening up orphans to eat them at 18.

it’s farm to table.

someone asks If you’re an adult when your parents died what happens. you’re still getting adopted.

good luck stopping the dragon adopting you.

like the Dragon is just like i feel there’s like this feature so that the Dragon.makes orphans, which is a lovely mystic way of putting it there’s Dragon who adopts orphans and the Dragon who at the age of 18 takes care of them

like a halfway house

The Dragon might, let them out when they’re adult by Dragon standards. so they’re 200.

Is a good point the Dragon’s like none of my children make it to maturity, then ends upp with ofsted called on by another Dragon concern for the children’s welfare

campaign idea is you’re OFSTED inspectors try to inspect this Dragon school in a cave

i’m concerned whether the Dragon can adequately provide for the welfare of these orphans

but not to like be a downer, but i am 100% sure it can’t it’s a giant flesh eating lizard that lives in a hole.

hey some dragons live in forests, you’ve heardd of forest schools

dragons are rich, so a Dragon just pays people to come help i think what we’re making is dragon batman. Dragon Batman ever since Dragon’s parents were shot the Dragon has been adopting orphans and making them into little dragons in my costume and sending them off to fight whatever dragons fight, knights i guess

the problem is the modern media like to focus on the origins of Dragon rather than what it actually does once it has all the orphans

to many people who associate with joker manticore jesus

what wold Alfred Be in this situation imagining a kobold in a tuxedo

exactly the same, just an old man waiting on this dragon.

Michael Caine is just in a cave,

I would watch a movie that’s like michael caine in a cave trying to emotionally support this dragon. i would also like one where michael caine is a kobold but he’s just in a bad halloween lizard mask.

yes. i reckon he’d be up for it, he did Miss congeniality,
Ezriel von LMA in the chat says broke dragons want princesses to eat them, woke dragons want princesses cause they need occasional babysitters.

but when they go out they destroy the Castle so that the Princess is now an orphan and then adopt her. self perpetuating
i adopt all my babysitters.
Doesn’t everyone

there’s is a sentence to be interesting in -out of context already losing my grasp of English guys. yeah okay so we’ve got bat dragon… so why does bat dragon assume people be more scared of bats than they would be of a dragon

it’s the one thing dragons fear humans are afraid of mice. Yet I guess smaller, smaller one.

Yet dragons have like damage resistance everything except it would dragons see one bit of guano and put bat traps Around the Cave Just in Case they don’t want to see thaat
Spiders to humans i guess
Difference between a bat and a rat Is One Letter and One Pair of Wings

Every Every Year like 100 Dragons are Just Devoured by a single bat

the stat that the Average Dragon Eats 200 Bats a year Is inacurrate. bat georg, who lives in a cave…

So we’ve got a Pretty Solid grasp of the idea of our Dragon adopter. whic is Weird. Princess Kidnapping and Terrified Dragon Spent

Straightforward Story Idea There.

So How Would They Show up in a Natural campaign

and the Obvious Answer Is Someone Keeps Killing Parents.

Okay, I Do like Just Go to Town Every Single person there is a tragic dragon related accident.

Someone Gets Pregnant. In the Town. Presumably They Hide It for As Long As Possible, Consideriing when Dragon Finds out That Had Occurred

it’s like hot fuzz except That It’s Dragons instead of Middle-Aged White People – what am i talking about So My Reasoning Was Only a Dozen That Called Dragon Realises That Quite A Lot Of Really Relate to Walls

Very Little of Hot Fuzz is Related to Orphans Would Say Only Watch Movies for the Parts That Could Theoretically relate to orphans. gLoss over the rest we’re going toTake Some Questions from Chat, but We Do Have One from One of the Patrons Staff with an AncelLine wants to Know What Was the First Campaign That We Played in

the First Campaign I Played in I Was Genius for Going to Was an We Were Going into Solve Mysterious Disappearances That Happens Wasn’t Dragon -related Sadly and and I.E. Being Not to Be Good Seed Step to See What Would Happen What Happened Is That the Powerful Druid Room Showed up to Stop and We Have To Fight Them. We Type Them up and Then Gave Them to Wilhite Level I, Two Druid Just Left for Mighty and Shortly after That and Was Destroyed by a level 13 druid Woke up and Were No Longer Conscious, but We Want There yet Save. We Would What Matters

Is with a pattern with You, Though, Because the First Game I Was in with You. Forrest Was Burned down, Such As Very Vulnerable Choir Flammable. It Will Happened Twice.

I Invented the Gender Pay No First Campaign Was Somewhat Less wacky and Make My Character Was a gnome Ranger Because I Liked That It Sounded Kind of like Lone Ranger, I Was Not Very Creative, but We ended Going through Entire Dungeon Backwards Because We Ended up Finding the Wrong Entrance First Which was interesting Those Kind of Stuff like Okay Will Go through this empty Room and Now the Y Said of the Chap behind As Attractive Dungeon Maps and Weirdly Good Move on the Pressure Plate Just behind US Stoutly

Okay Spine in a Dungeon. Also Monsters Will Be like Expecting to Your Face While Pitching Physically Is What I’m Picturing Did Also Mean That We Met the Dragon That Lived in the Dungeon Menu Heavens to Early Just like Go. This Just Dragon Set Hospital Basically and We Just Kind When around) A Few Levels. Sorry for the Bother Coming We Did. We Ended up Killing It by Late Blasting Glittering Its Eyes and Stewing It to Holland by That Point Had a Thing Where I Could Shoot Six Hours of Attorney Because A Lot Of Live Now Say That Was That Wasn’t Bad Dragon That Was Bain Dragon Who Was Born in Darkness. All Dragons Are At Least One by Listening to This Pop Lifestream You Have Made Can Fade’s It Weird That You Know We Don’t Make the Rules. Just Enforce the New. If You Checked Which Terms and Conditions of Checking That Said 1070 Questions or Do I like the Creative Area, Opening up to Questions from Chat, Probably a Mistake, but in the Meantime, Did You Know That We Have a Picture Has Sits Right down Here We Have Bonus Episodes, and so We Have. We Have a Server Where We’ve Played Some D&D. We Have Homebrew Made by Us. Yet This Once One Was Flounce Yeah Ever Wanted to Play a Clown like Five People Podcast Is Targeted As Why? Just a Reaction to Answer the Question Someone Had to Make Clowns Right Actual Questions. And Unlike Batman I Made the Clown so I Could Be Less Afraid of the Clowns Every Night. Not a Crypto Stress of the Clown Go Fight Crime. Yeah, Has Been Difficult to Do That Well Being. Kobe Compliant the Quite Good Archery Funds Questions Rather Than the Identity. Yes, Okay, and She G. Jim Jim Twins Says so. Repeated Human Sacrifices, and I Do Have a Funny Answer and Do Things and Sometimes People like It. Edward Hutt Favourite Bit of World Building from Your Campaigns Glass Are like I Am Quite Proud of. So Sign You Have the OU Have, and You Have Everyone’s Animal World and Somehow, Inexplicably Built Same, Even Though a World Where All Would Be Wildly Different Questions like’s Dimension Travellers and Why Do Keep All of You to Each Other. So Yeah, I Manage I Came up with My Have the Real World’s, and Then You Just Have Infinite Worlds Don’t Actually Exist until Someone Goes and Thus You Can Have Elite Dimensional Fee. They Don’t Actually Have To While There so Well and Because You’re Sort of World Something Strenuous to Creative. That’s What It’s like Is World so Forth. That Was My Vague Attempt to Make Common Think about the Nonsensical Pro Work. I like Them Are Yes, Why Go Untroubled Son Because They Come from a Potential Future Which Is Only Tell Your Philosopher Came in Useful to Exactly 1 I’m Struggling Is Probably so Recently Made a New Setting Where I Was Trying to Have the Basis of Activate Differently to How They Generally Are and and in the Process Ended up Making Imperialist Halflings Should Have More Chastity Buildings Thinking about How Halflings Are Very like an Especially in the More Sovereign Obviously Talking Repast of Scan of Your Own. Just One of the Well Enough Alone and Observe Our Traditions and I Realise That They Sound like Tories Third Scanner Went from There and Now There Incredibly Oppressive and Backward People Who Don’t Let the Other Races within Their Continents and Follow Their Own Culture Because It’s Different and Weird and Trying to Change Things and We Don’t like It, yet He Also Liked the Magical Race Moderate Be Interesting to Have a Sort Progressive Orcs Versus Tory Hobbits, yet Also Yeah Married That There Is Canon Talking Ghost Only. The Next One, Which Class Is the Worst Bourgeoisie Train Again Is Cancelled and I Think like One Ways Just Seen Weirdly’s Party Worse Achy Racists. I Don’t Say It Is Racist. Bit Weird Doesn’t Do a Huge Amount. Cialis Thinking Fighter Because You Have Already Got All These Different Things of I Fight This Way Are Fake That Way Especially Got the Barbarians As Well. Yeah, like You’ve Got Fight with Weapons and a Strong Cover Day Think, Yeah, and Then You Just Have a Righteous and Fake Hello, My Class Name Is the Most Generic and Can Punch Anything Now with a Sword Fight Is Definitely to Some Subclasses Inspire Me and All Know Honestly What I Think Need Is Much New Subclasses Is Kind of Magical Fighter but Mainly If You Want a Magical Fighter, You Could Probably Just Make That a Subclass of One of the Many, Many Magical and My Controversial D&D Opinion Is I Actually Really like to, Which Is the One Which Gives All the Items, like the Ability to Fight so She Fired Stuff More Interesting Than Just High Have a Sword. My Ability As a Consultant Good, Yeah. If You Fight Well Enough You Do Magic. Don’t Know How Well? Yep, I to Stop Questions. Well, We Just Kind of Talk until We Run Out Of Words and Then Do Another Question. Speaking of Which, Are Next Question Is How to Effectively Step All of You to See. We Do That Times Yeah Meant Effectively. I Was Doing a Self-Deprecating. I Think Generally Where Spell May Think, Is to Focus on Several Lots of Spelt Yeah Ever-Increasing Numbers of Spells Surfing Some Made about Honest, Why Would Someone Choose This Spell, Just a Straight, It Was Just Gonna Go Magic Missile and Groovy Food Doesn’t Spout Just You Damage Most Fun Thing Is Just Why Would Someone Currently My Name on Screen, Says Paper My Actual Name. I Didn’t Bother to Change. Why Would Someone Dispel Those Time Remembering What the Stop Is Then like All of the Stats of Usually like Go by Year. Yeah If You Find Something That Has Some of Analogous Effect on Level of Effect and Then Some of This to Make Sure You Don’t Exceed That in Terms of Costs or of Power Had to Be the Answer to This Funny Release, Genuinely Just Sit down and Think for like Half an Hour to Make a Public Joke. So Next Question Loosely Spirit What Cluster You D&D Man Shoots Snakes from Trickier Thinkers. Most of What You Would Want to Do If We Talking. Specifically, I Think, Is Covered by One of the Existing Ones with Subclasses Wake and Have Fun. Yeah, Leg How I Wanted a Semi Is a Subclass That Was More Historically Accurate, so We Just Made What I Think If There’s Anything so Is Missing from the DoE’s Dismissal Welcomed the Young Masterclass like You Can Play Monsters, but It’s Always Been a Bit Cocky Maybe a Cluster Was like. Specifically, Some Troll Something. I Think It’s a Self Classes Whole Thing Is Just I Want to Cause Problems in Purpose. Yet Classes Deliberately Ignore What GM Says That Is the West African Idea Is It Is Essentially a Beginning. You Have Moved, Where Every Type. GM Says This Note like a Dragon Sexy Noted a Class That Is Very, Very Minor, God Could Be Quite Fun. Yeah, so They Were like Getting Some Would Maybe Be Chosen One Emo One. So How Good You Are at Being a Guard Spirit and Shatter Said That They Would See a Wall Switch Actually Some Kind of General No Class. My As a Background, but Then It Always Feels Weird to Be like. I Have All of These Followers and Resources, and Theoretically Harbinger Skills but Also Level I. Yeah, Yeah, I Work Might Be Interesting in like a Playable, Class yet You Start out As Just Some Random Person and You Pickup Play Actually Useful Life Skills and Are Basically the Party Adult yet Spin. Sure, You Should File. You Know How to Washing up. So Yesterday Baby Attempted to Do, but Just a Graphite Class Rather like Ohio One Thing. Imagine As I Think. I Think That Will Be Interesting like a Jack of All Trades Anything. Everyone Is Suggesting That One Month Rent +10 Incompetence Stays like Another. A Lot Of Would-Be Set of RP Taxi Have That Role. The Right Now. It’s Basically, If There’s a Cleric or a Paladin There. Also, the Grown-Up Yeah and I Think This Should Be a Grown-Up Class so That You Can Have Wacky Clerics and Paladin. Yeah, I Guess I’m Only Yes I’m Lawful and I’m Nice, but Also Dharma, Just like How Well-Adjusted People Don’t Go Aimed That Comes My Gunfight Value Family Fights Dragon That Just Guys like Forster: despite Having No Applicable State Does Know How to Pay Taxes over Wagons Say, Having Left the Shire. The Rest They Give Left You Left Your Tory Hobbit Hole in Your Applying Your General Life Skills to Keeping This Band the Brave Idiots Alive. Bilbo Baggins Is like the One That’s Certainly a Claim You’ve Made Their Talking Is Dead and Cannot Refute Me. The Authors Dead, Long Live Fanon Gandolfo Would Be the Grown-Up, except Sometimes Is Too Busy Getting High with His Wizard Friends like, yet Cannot Dislike the Grown-Up Every Sort, UC like Rare Wary Array Shirts, Smoking Uploads, Cool Things Which Are Wet or AR Just Yeah.Actually, You Just a Mystical Wary and All Suit the Rallying Cry of Supernatural Also Not Related, but Related in My Brain Keep Thinking Today about How Ian Poison in Hamlet Is Fanon. Everyone Has Just Decided That That’s What Happened Mothers Me and Entertains Me in Equal Amounts Enjoy Coming Here for All the Hottest Ham Takes Own and Even Do English A-Level but I’m Married to an English Grad, so Has Validated My Opinion That You Poisonous

Fanon Getty Asks When You Start with a Character Concept How You Decide Whether It Sorry How His Side New Clusters Stream and Generally I Don’t Really like Homebrewing On-The-Fly Thing to Think That Can Have a Question of Do I Have Something or Can I Find Something That Fits Our Adjusting Heavily Seasoned Wall of Gazumping Yellow Gemini Goes Wacky Passes. What I Do, You Walk. Just Choose Spells Briefly for the Ability to Reflate like Something Make One like He Tired like Maisonettes. Yeah, Because You Can Do so Could Do More Site for a While, like Mutation. Or You Could Do a Fight or Flight Risk and in the Campaign Than Just Dying to Run. We Have Someone Who Rather Then a and Was the Word Forgot the Name of the Class, the One Where You Make Things Artifice Rather Than Artificer Class Is Gone for Wizard, but We Flavoured It Has Various Little Inventions and Machines That Do the Spell Effects Anything. Something like That Is Really Interesting Because of Failure. I Want This Effect. But This Flavoursome Disconnect Soldier Mixed up Together Some the Voices of Solid D&D Just Completely Skip Where Classes Were Just Magic Person Seated Person, Fighting Us and Just Be Flustered, However You Wanted Mainly of Foreign Interest Yeah Think That’s Where Self Non-D and the Systems Coming Men’s A Lot More Room to Mess around like Something like Fate Worse. Basically, This Is My Character’s Personality. Yes, Is What Is Can Do Things Okay so My Question Number Just Youngsters, but You’re All Asking Sensible Questions Nurse and Head with Cut Favour RPG System That Is Not the Algarve. I Really Would System Cipher System Is Essentially a System Where Everything Is Most All Your Things Are Just like Low Back below One That Just Automatically Also Has Light All Character Fees, Just Different Powers Buys Yourself Bunch of Random Magical Object May Be Incredibly Hipster and System Thing A Lot Lately Is Playing Games/Creative Writing Exercise Rich Loan Premises You Are Some Persons in a Terrible Situation by and You Need to Record Your Story Attracted by This As A Lot Of Easily Gender Tower Cars Car to Die J Tel Stand.1 Narrow Way survive quite a lot of the sorrow settings of three interesting, possibly not the centre in like it is. It is so RPG’s. That’s what 2022 city locally cannot in four different RPG Ireland RPG. The judge yes, what is your favourite system. I told because thinking it really depends what kind of game you want to play like the one shot go for something like fishes racist your character is basically your name and build skills as you use them, but then also stuff like power by the apocalypse systems can be quite fun if you one more serialise adventure entities I don’t configure favourite is IBS, a favourite film. So what remain the mood for. As a yeah there are some genuinely I never want to play this again kind of systems but then the stuff like I really like drama system I’m in the mood for something like, I don’t Wanna play dramatist sitting unhelpful and sober. Yeah, the next question. Most questions I did this like that. We just got one. The thing came up in. In a recent episode but is this is relevant reason. Keep keep stakes without escalating to the world ending is definitely just making personal yeah you will supernatural did, don’t do that don’t set overhaul 15 year long campaign fowl subverting faith and taking control and then have everyone have the engine expect based on the first episode. Yeah, don’t have that sober help because people come back from standard to much and then send one gay character, wonderful your edgy players made orphan characters. If by the poignant needing to escalate the threat your characters. Have your players have. Unlike the characters have formed connections, then I’m sorry your patio murder hobos must be destroyed point set world is your players. Yeah, the point you make a new set of characters who are going to take down your old characters because there clearly the worst I in a mode of extreme silliness, not my laptop charging the code you feel free to ask more questions. I won’t sleep about 20 seconds. Talk about pencil behind a back essence is really good RPG’s. All I like that idea return after long campaign ends. The DM creates new characters for everyone to play for the children of the old characters based on the DM’s character ships unrelated to whatever happened in Carrick on the campaign story should did you mean letting the Cara and sorry feelings about the Cara and never see legend of Coro cuts, i.e. like you says, I do think, though, just they are the children of the first camping characters I think would be interesting because you have you have your party already knows each other, which is quite helpful. Also, because the average party think generally own only contains one of any specific race.” Basically having to comb through a lot of leg half halfling fast and Goliath and characters that should be quite interesting when you do is put all the players made hats, then just all right about pairs and those two got to get babies. The question is, does every pairing from the campaign, have two children so that you can have the same number, yet are of the lake, some with one, some with three or do you just you assume that your party became a Pollock you’ll any pullout to characters and then put them back any time. Satan have any pairing at all like this sort of leaning towards another’s revolution stimulate slightly different like no and excessively male browsing replicated 10 life just apple wedges like time just produce a slightly different character concept under campaign, which will eventually, the idea of running a party with a hundred characters terrifies me like chili. If you have a hundred friends little not be straight holds a plan under day. That is a definitely banner hoodia party Pollokshields is filled in the parties it you like solitude, refer solitude, where every person must you, like every D&D party’s number you one step or sometimes both both might’ve missed out questions earlier, all see all scroll up or looking. I cannot see in missed questions missed your specific if you question vanished. Blame Nick bearing charges, picking out the questions from an sell another idea that was really popular in 2020 and create a cosmic level enemy attack damages the players, not just on a surface level, but on all layers of reality. It successfully hits a character dispensed that characters player in the face. I RL really popular for players but I what I was thinking about the different kinds of damage, like some of them are obvious. Like, you know, fire damage, you can take courage and fire psychic damage. Just tell them the Dayton logo. What already, really hard to picture what actually looks like reverse makes sense that it’s just like it makes you sad your character is upset. Yeah, some damage just yell now offer some damage spinning like my dosage to you then irritate all levels,” got to do necrotic damage in real life beyond Lake. Give your player gangrene from a corpse’s just just taken out a corpse jar. There are animals that could be said to do necrotic damage through a spider at them load up your spider machine machine fire spiders. I think I would be concerned for the spiders well-being. I would be concerned. People being shot by spiders for this final mostly be vaporised so they people define that you have just vaporised them spiders with very nice also, which has to suggest financial damage which I like, partly because it implies that you have a monster that you just really violent pickpocket smoking. What we have invented as a concept is really finer pickpocket barbarian like just puts all the separate slice pan jus like she while distracted by what happens if the get and that 20 five handing Nokia out so that you notice anything there doing. Yeah, you successfully avoid any witnesses eating them into the sea. Perfect crime. Anyone who subscribes to get do, you can just post a ship on if use of submit 10,000 feet message telling wet what spider bite. If you thought spider into a river, probably eventually end up in the sea/for to sound somewhat like a revelation, and cultural goes. If you throw a spider venom into the sea spiral bar. Yeah, weirdly deep, just like the sea sees like the amount of the price and some of it really deep true homebuilding under their spider is wearing white only super costume here discover costume because of how insect green yeah just just possible adorable spider that does that. It’s like there’s a Pokémon spider with a Big Lake or around this face does a camera spider that actually does that makes its own little diving bell and you shall be plate Getty asked go to film their old when his speciation are your sheets not heard of Wales. What happens if you let your goldfish go as we have to put balls, otherwise they would be too powerful. They have to be contained. Yeah, most are Wales, said there 0p. Yeah, what are the best CPC study girl dwarf Cialis but I don’t says just because they can elves that have weird coloured hair and I also have a coloured hair. I feel like I would. I feel I would go shop at a time limit to any of your adventures before doing the desert and is a full moon day guides. Does anyone have create water, was sorry to be related in the second edition. There was wheel dwarf leopard type of steel hybrids to every full moon would turn into a steel head that so specific. Yeah, like no-go play ball evil water. We like sharps or even left sealed ITC. It was Cecile as a shop. Sure, was head trying to instinctively make it sensible. We hybrids know it has a set think, ultimately, I like the suggestions in the chat just barely spam I would go the shoal of fish working together to stop assess how mind yeah like each fish is collectively a warlock which is housed fish which are your S1 keeper Ranger, but it is a swarm of dolphins fuelling smoky replace smaller things like I was raised del sense is my swarm at arrests like this one across cliché saw swarm swarm of electric yours used out to stop the technological revolution. Yeah, imagine what he could do with power over S1 still calling it a swarm not show any more swarm of electric deals quite a lot of damage. Yeah, swarm keeper swarm need to keep its own school sport, running swarms all the way down swarm was one each of whom has depots for mostly meta swarm swarm. There is a character in one of my games at the moment prison be person with a swarm of bees. What if the Queen B is also a swarm keeper with a swarm of regular people, just like humans for the swarm of babies like swarm of toddlers, I guess, which is one of most horrific images and sending the fighter direct the most destructive force known to man is just by my inventory is just me and my box of my 10,000 toddlers like in the before times. My job involves groups of leg 20 toddlers and our has to within at least three swarms a lot of swarms to make a lot of toddlers who is basically a swarm inspirational like spice from the frothy bad/you don’t need thousands of top school also sounds like really weird motivation. Thousands of toddlers system based B-movie when world of darkness already exists, umpires wearables majors you of also which has to suggest a kindergarten scorekeeper which counsel wins. Yeah, this is your podcast now graduation defeat. Yeah, I do love helping me just suddenly came back D&D suddenly came back B-movie all fulfil. Yeah, I like to be the one I watched. It was a little bit where one tried the otherwise in the first pull blah stay. These films are memes, and rightly so, but I can enjoy the yellow is a good notice and just got help new postman? A show that’s a liking B-movie delegates is really not that bad. This not the best film because no Jerry Seinfeld movie this little ray is making a confession chat. We don’t know that you folks be just that she wants to are which capture cannot podcast so there’s always something isn’t there. Yes will have to keep castings terms and conditions. Turns out apply mousse would make a really good CPC character. People don’t know they can dive to depths of 6 m yeah they didn’t know that is over to various predators of the moose are humans and killer Wales think if you’re doing a C5 scheme seeks again fight should does wonderingly because we’ve made where horses yet he probably would need to do much to to reef skin is aware mousse for what you need is in first mousses like swimming near my right 60s so that horrifying just sitting there and then just burst out of the ground rises 60 yeah might like are neither spoken. Think about shark go. I want to set up a shopping people have attacking about the shop maiden with these in like the third one. This set of this thing of shout leaders can happen in land now because there are sharks just living in the water in the atmosphere in the clouds, which is kind of cool concept and terrifying and then it never comes up again. This set up at the end of the third one and then there’s like three emotional nadir movies and never mention the fact that there are sharks in the cloud, and this bothers me more movie should like just cashing cloud shops much room as a major plot point and not can bring up again. I did like this in the wet shop near with, which is workshop need a lot of parents Lado end in the same way as shark made because that would be a horrifying search of mute the stream for a second. If you don’t wannabe’s. If you want China spoilers. He does get via Shaka maintains on his way out if there was a toddler, nadir that will be all kinds of horrifying, just doesn’t like that of the just, like, really white and swallow legacy make yet more complexity to the players cheese pretty certain face of existing media more needlessly. It’s not horrifying instant nadir because the way done this kind of funny because show made only in highly knows what it is like the second one had multiple wrestlers and Jed would do cameos. They knew it knows what it is. If it was a toddler shop nadir was a serious social black-and-white found footage shot Lado try to shop near possible, as you very well shop nadir. It is to have people hiding in old log cabins. You can hear leg third third top look outside and all the trees been bitten down our guard the man getting further away and make a monster movie about a mega Madonna with 50 giant prehistoric shark. It’s all right assuming each pupil yesterday and Chris. Importantly, though, does Nokia doggy think it’s in the dog dog is fine, not important which, yeah, we should possibly like to go back and lobby system. We just talk about things so was darkness. How about that vampire the masquerade’s going back to Seattle? Nancy don’t know she’ll play players yes, like I think like obviously putting up buyers is a bad idea. But is this something special spring bias white bottle every time the get it, yet discreet with vinyl players and is torture. We tell your players to murder a Spicks and Specks show your players keep following the hero’s journey time at all times. You railroad something like like Saddam was to feed one of the most unbearably potential in C. It refused to gain this selves alleging making clearance and like sires got only got experience when they should build one step in those journey EXPERIENCE, so you will mechanically ought to act heroes journey lockstep level of so. So the answer is just railroading is what you’re saying the answer is players at the state level 0 last day of what’s it called into the belly while the penalty doing them out of order, so just stood outside the big fight waiting seemingly go to next heroes journey to fuming a magical mental to early campaigns over Gogo know you can’t go home. That final step, the journey is just a kiss just the GM sat there like not leaving until all 21 steps of the heroes journey multiple different ones should bring their kin. They have an English degree. This is the only thing they qualified to do. Nick Hero journey to anyway. Here, yeah, suffice medium a heroes journey was not was not amazing popular step outside a house, back into equity is a recurrent problem of your accidentally along this like he joined a wrong party. When you are going. Yeah, there are definitely ways to do filling the sort of ones words like it or taking other stories where it’s like all I have to get the water to wet the stone to sharpen the act to condemn tree legality respond to a fairly simple request. Unlike a noticeboard and to do that one have to do another one and then before you know it you fighting a dragon just you can get someone’s cat home dragging orphans to skiing cats i.e. feel like the way this sort of to enforce role-play. If you don’t choose again kidnaps it then makes sense, and they can’t go home, which also sells the first step of the heroes journey the country – yet. And then they say no, let me go ground,’s refusal of the core down already. This gives you to experience spending six people kidnapped on your RPG its autonomic sense now again was the everlasting you all play. It was really weirdly total. Like, totally dissonant in that you had essentially like alerts, Dracula’s Launcelot and Cthulhu all in the same party which deal clashes a little bit silicone entirely ruin that game by playing the Dracula from dead and Loving it would ruin any. I would like to play that character and world of darkness acted to see hellfire could get it. The five had to do something edgy about five point refuses to succumb to the darkness and instead just ounces party that was just all Nielsen characters comedy Dracula got the guy from aeroplane that the bad guy from Surf ninjas at the Geffen police Academy will be an interesting party’s Peckham Academy, you just pick a random actor all of your characters just perfectly pick Sean Bean debt this social characters live, absolutely. I can only think of one when I’m sure there’s others. Sean Bean has like disadvantage to all deci pros is a special dye that all one et cetera 120 and that’s an the character sharp who probably should die, but did not question chat what you think best actor just say or be person’s character lately osseous different interpretations of the staple track to those couple Halloween is ago mean that what just a bunch of different Dracula films was really weird because they just based on the same story are so many different adaptations. I would like to be Spanish. Dracula was very similar to the family goes to Dracula, except also has a comedy sidekick, I would be a Dracula only hotel Transylvania, Dracula just just tell jokes in a new basis don’t think that would be a good idea. No racist what humans Sean Connery because you get a James Bond halogen system. Get this is my flirting failing is a very vague description basically red bondage gear and has a ponytail and that’s out niceties in the film, but I’m very rebellion with the outfit because it keeps popping up on Tumblr. I literally don’t know the cost. This Marek Mario will not go to is others with me all add. I don’t know anything about. Then Sean, redressing weird TV yeah literally just know the bondage gear features a post-apocalyptic that would explain the outfit post bondage care just wide apocalyptic situated. The only thing left behind sporting goods store. And yes, there is a very question discounts dislike content for review. Apocalyptic campaign to sporting goods was to align post-apocalyptic game where your classes are based on different post-apocalyptic films different light sexuality to post-Yukio oyster’s yeah and there’s just one. One guy from Waterworld is just like my have a boat sat in the middle of the mad Max wasteland by map Waterworld boat boat term, setting the best going to play waterlogged characters just dragged boat along maybe you could adapt to the bowl into some sodden land vehicle just you just love the Desi turnaround pirate ship is charged full speed. I mean, if you add wings to is basically got post-apocalyptic faith in Bang Bang which is also a campaign. I replied yeah percent Labour Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Mary Poppins’s apology played a game similar to that with you been the one stop game was fun moment. My main memory of it was becoming bondage OEMs Jonah where forms tightly to families context. This was the characters were time yeah should clarify games do not get that what like the Hedwig is brought back around to the grown-up character collapse in the apocalyptic research. One remaining roadblock to build sites deeply recessed box okay but I would play a game where basically we need to find all of the competent adults in the world world where investor competent adults left by the school before someone choice to water filtration system one small group of fighters in bondage gear to find the person that knows about buildings just you need to find one tailored suit. Wearing the themes 40 year these cheesemakers are actual shuttles of heard of this wonderful thing called the skirt. There is low to play character when you’re not just ghost fine word like about a lot of DMS is if you don’t have a skill need to roll freight you can just sailing. I know I spout off some facts about dragons yet. I explain how in the works. When I do sit there knifing situation. Then I do the opposite of’s naptime comes like is the same problem as playing a high-end character. We are just don’t know share my trophy. I can similar but opposite problem where you’re just like with characters, but I’m also quite impulsive. Yeah, okay, I’ve-my three bad ideas what would this carried actually do when you said you had your foes might as the incredibly high IQ GPS I have problems. Same all of an hosted screen, but this yeah I yet problem is all of my satellite in a Thai RL so I try and make like smart character, but regrettably, they do shift source of the plug refines a player high charisma character when you have social anxiety again I go, I go up to these important people and say something witty and profound like you got to me just say, if you throw spidering with one day I have to try that next time my character has to be charismatic and playing a paladin and won the game and say needs any charisma practice is the general problem like touch and it is a problem sushi new telly characters, but so you physically, how would you express executive disco stats by light for partially made systems. I get about, because IQ trying to more and like to think that’s what happens when 1 Disney character once to do the thing they swore happen. Yeah, we will natural wonder. Can’t going. If you roll a one income that say them telling my arm to swing the sword, but my arm is moving. Alternatively, just every time you want to do something. Yes, a roller D10. If you get a 10 to sell stand there or if you game set in 2020, flip a coin, yet 2026 always capture that is. There’s a heavy question asked do LGBT chew i.e. bus trips characters). The so a lot of this is the same as my, with right depends a lot on whether you are one people like bizarre, and whether you sis Heston trying to representation, I think, yeah, the general advice either sex to include wicker’s we have to just characters who are, but is from best not to try Dell to story sending by have a habit and character don’t delve incredibly deeply into story transition, but everyone is free. Everyone tell their own therapy sessions, D&D, something like I make a lot of Lake trans-by whatever characters because I am these things. Like most of my characters are non-binary and use the programs because I use. They pronounce role-playing is like useful for kind of presentation like the because of the forsaken different six. I think it’s underexplored is like a storm. We’re hobby definitely think like I was sort playing a lot of female characters while also coming to terms with trans-by way hence appearance but yeah, there’s death.
A lot more done with just macro weight isn’t offensive singles and having NPC’s just happen to be clear in some way. Yeah, I think so making is just basically, if you have NPC most suspect asked whether they have to insist’s all-weather like you can make is usually you can make some of this very rarely a case very rarely is it the case that the characters exist in like. Usually you can make someone clear that was a nonevent at yeah I think there is also the thing about the single thing a lot of and a lot of stray writers because visitor commands in terms of writing advice to daring do the variegated thing because they basically have a gay character and that character is killed off the personnel not opposed to gay characters dying as long as there are other gay characters. Yeah, I think, yet is a different gene, a gay character. Say, setting water, setting and don’t want gay characters. Those’ is don’t have the gay character of the tractor have a butchers data also needs to anything do is less likely stereotypical like if you have sort of like yellow if you have like a deceptive transponder Research sodium 120 barn and smaller, that’s a trait of this character rather than this is putting forth the people here like absolutely a have a flamboyant flirty gate wing is not the only gay character, yet all your gay character/daytrip tweaks here basically have a lot to cover a lot of great characters have incidental characters, yet heavier yesterday actual actual advice Dyson wackiness.

Yeah, I feel like this is maybe good point to wrap up the stream. Yet unless anyone has any more burning questions now piece someone has come to mentor you would excellent hair between us we have good my hair is 94 cm long hair is less long, then, that so speak ultimate chat. We are rendering it and who handle retroactive causality to young players shifts. I better quit. I would normally either have the time travel sources like either having a kind of case of my like time travel happens offscreen change is with all you have, like the players are players are somehow immune to light when time changes are what they’ve done now timely have to be at the end of the finish of your heart so you Peter Slattery happened out of universe still got to choose. Yet there is also the Star Trek approach of by going back and changing something, creating new timeline, so everything else is now irrelevant. You just massively railroad your players money knows you like notes, tight universe, you finally like to use all the way with no state law, time travelling, just railroading the universe, forcing it into whatever timeline you wanted ahead we could have said there is also not your place retroactive. Our selection yeah I think what you need to do is get all of screen or just life sit eight. This is what paradox feels paper bag. What paradox feels like they don’t know yet because temple and not sure if I have, you know, it feels like being hit with a newspaper which stated that there is a bit reality will legalise this think reality will building is just information to world building or do things every time the strips bottle sprays.

I want to know which way round artists, it does remind me of watching the charity adverts is declared thing every time I snap my fingers. A child dies. It’s every time, every time yeah, but has just like supporting your stock to to sit up. Just hold the switch button you keep splitting it until spoken NASA look 2020 every time a paradox occurs, gets asked that happened. Yeah, I think on the recourse to 26 dots every consequence has an action answered your questions all about retroactive causality photo. I think what we’ve done is go you publish the thank you everyone for watching.

Yes, I hope you enjoyed first lifestream is one to be making more dear, this and this will be on VOD for a bit and with the audio up as a episode properly in December around when we theoretically think talking to family and yet
mod pencil
also, you might notice. I myself doesn’t sound like actual garbage I have a microphone to look for forecasts very exciting.
mod paper
The next episode to go up was recorded before pencil got a good microphone, but after that I will sound here and is an good checkout our patreon and our new Merch if you want to be of your own. Some inexplicable reason, you And thank you for watching. And remember to have a day

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