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Hello and welcome to bread and thread a podcast about food and domestic history ‘m liz


and I’m hazel we’re two friends who studied archaeology together and love history and almost as much as we love making various things and food so well.


Where we’re recording this in mid-December, so naturally I have made a large amount of gingerbread.


Of course I will be disappointed otherwise


Using my gingerbread recipe adapted from my mums where I put in lots more seasoning and yet there are people who do not like my gingerbread recipe because there’s so much ginger in it role is it to English gingerbread is you conceal it afterwards.


Excellent you are you in the critique, and red or soft gingerbread club I like. Like us had grassed me gingerbread, which is the crunchy as gingery a stingy bread I’ve ever had, but I like making soft gingerbread ages, like the feel of it more to state so waiting to like the way it feels a piece I now know I was about to say is lying like firm but soft and warm and fluffy grasp against it in a

yeah delicious both just because I get one of the other depending on how long I forget the most gingerbread is in the that makes sense now review but yeah, December baking season is upon us and it is wonderful and I’m also planning a dating experiment next week, but I will let you know has to done that how it went you, I am intrigued. I a sore need to take all that when I went online sound like three recipes. One of them didn’t actually have me donate my own one happening then it one was just yeah okay with me dinner as you would expect in the other one was made with box cake mix, which is a is not really helpful because you don’t say what brand like firstly I wouldn’t use a box cake mix anyway because, unlike that second if you don’t say what brand you just say two boxes lately come in different sizes so and like something you had about and then decided to make a date where you just like media cake was like. You should put me dinner cake because they found out that I was going then needs and also like when I put things in cakes by the best reasons to invent food, so I let you know-how like ghosts you been up to you, continuing your trying to finish things. I am an cake, which I will talk about later because this episode is in a B about Christmas pudding filling, but about the later because an this episode is about Chris and something that will probably cover next year, let’s be honest, yes, very much and I did also finish some accidental ombre yeah as the accidental ombre hat so big like that because it fits my hair in a lot of silly so feels good to like Something is done and I can actually wear it needed to happen. It is that so you finishing things are going pretty well so far but okay and yet at the finishing things is going pretty well at the moment and I have to move on to garments that was my last small to finish so got her shrug as a rainbow shrug that was missing. That is next to get finished so will see, so going to be talking about Christmas puddings. Yeah, that would be an appropriate topic for mid-December episode, the time this goes out in January and also Christmas pudding is delicious, despite what Nick will tell you, yet I have mixed feelings about Christmas pudding because I not something everyone likes. In fact I would preside a majority of people don’t like it, morally, but has diehard fans to now I love it. I never liked either an and Amen I was I would get chocolate pudding Christmas, which is great, but I am my taster maturing is just because the time it myself, but I’m really looking forward to putting so see, so I in the process of gathering mission for this and I watched a video isn’t things as well as an reading stuff and an mass manner of tasting history a while ago I recently put up a video about Christmas pudding, which is really good, so to go watch it and there he makes a pudding and talks about quite a bit. I’m gonna go into an the son of deep history stuff. That much because that’s kind of been done in a few places and but I will talk more about the kind of folklore. Social traditions side here, for indeed and so concept of puddings is pretty old and they are like one of the older dishes and so the traditional way that you make pudding as you boil in a cloth or you steam it, and all end in the case of some of the oldest puddings and they were boiled in animal casings and like like sausages, basically putting so they might be used like the stomach like the intestines of animals and like black pudding is another one. So that’s a blood sausage because it got other oats in the standard is blood oats, plenty of pepper and big chunks of SAP, which Mrs disgusting. I love it, divide people. But I also like rich though, so am opening is a mixture of things that you boil up these days in a cloth or skin and the popular anymore because they are quite heavy and and it’s partly that suet content so that the meat that they can get vegetable set and the McManus study, bungee texture, specifically the south around the kidneys, I think, morally and and we don’t need that to get through the winter any more because we can market by like fruits and stuff and another countries, so it’s not so popular anymore, at least in Britain and I believe in America pudding is a different thing and custody. Tight type thing and which I think is probably to do with the site more confusing pudding being a generic term for desert now and serving that often because they contain this suet content which is beef that you can get vegetable so it gives back. I know I believe so, yeah, and which gives it back in a spongy like dodgy texture which an again people really like sometimes, but I love it because it’s great winter sake as a heavyweight cake. Good way to quite firm as well, like classic Christmas pudding. This is closer to the texture of kitchen sponsor response cash making some great somethings. It’s hard to describe accurately while the goods, despite the fact great so we really that much anymore, at least in Britain out of fashion and the heavy and we don’t really need that to get through the winter any more because we can go to the supermarket and get fresh fruit from other countries and we have central heating, hot study pudding inside a soreness at but I think so. The earlier puddings as well. One necessarily sweet and and I think a lot of traditional Pat’s original British foods are can still be like that, like steak and kidney pudding and example or black pudding -like dimensions and to make it even more confusing. The word pudding now means it is a generic term for desert, so you can also puddings the above no exception, because then baked so the not really a pudding stride at the same time, because at heart and put the battery in it and then put it on the other have to say, although we are talking about this being your intellectual billing. I wouldn’t go to Yorkshire and say Yorkshire pudding is not brave enough word that I’m Lancastrian required southerner I would get no quarter might be one of those, no one else. Yeah, so things about here are the type of pudding where it mixed bunch of things that been steamed or boiled earlier ones weren’t necessarily sweet and in fact there was a lot of mixing of sweeter and more savoury flavours past and so things that you get me with dried fruit and spices things. And so, in the form of curry, which is the mediaeval late 14th century cookbook that we also didn’t earlier episode on there’s recipe for 3D porridge type thing, though, with concepts opening dried fruits in sweet like porridge dish that we got pudding-yet then as the pudding comes into being in the next couple of centuries we get the remorse savoury type puddings and soap example keys pudding from the famous Ryan pudding hot peas getting cold p study in the cup four days old. So what actually is. So like beams keys were a big part of the diets for a lot of the poorer people of people living in rural areas in Britain at the everyone wasn’t a Lord you’re beating a lot of these and the point being that you could drive them so you could later or sustain you through the winter. So during the winter, you would be eating lots of what actually is. Peas pudding is just all slices of mushy peas and more kind of on the parody size and thick porridge, and I don’t have exact recipe for this, but I will look up. Yeah, like thick pudding, thick porridge type thing and so still not really your traditional pudding, but it is yeah and and you can use rehydrated peas for so winter staple, the references references to sentence below a protein yet and but probably will get boring if you’re eating it. Like Fortes in a row, probably so puddings became quite popular in the 18th-century sickly plum pudding, which is anything with dried fruit and it really all those heritage video wasn’t there about city pudding claiming this is in there pudding one and but yeah, it doesn’t have to be plans 🙂 can be like any weather, you have really basically just men dragged through that point in an winter. It would have to be Dry Creek because if you’re in the new don’t yet have a plus apples is great, apples or keep quite long time and is an ingredient in the traditional Christmas pudding recipe because yet again there will be only things that you still have around like a fruit, vegetable and so dried fruit could also become expensive depending on what you are getting. And when you’re getting into the 19th century, which is when Christmas pudding becomes a thing and Victorian, as yet, and so Christmas pudding is a thing existed before just wasn’t necessarily Christmas pudding was moreover the pudding came before the Christmas sales, Christmas yeah using a sweet pudding with dried fruit in it and spices and things was a popular winter dish beforehand and it was my became associated with Christmas. Because Christmas you would put all the fancy stuff that you get in, so your fancier dried fruits or candy peels your more expensive spaces and your brandy alcohol were going to Christmas, dump all the good stuff in becomes the Christmas pudding understand one of the first times that it given a specific title. Christmas wedding is in live actions and rebook and which meeting 40s. I’ve gone should know this 1845. And that’s when it becomes Christmas pudding. Although puddings like that are still being eaten kind of all year-round, but just probably not so fancy back and migrate grammar, whose pudding recipe prisons pudding recipe I could talk about later and would make all of her puddings at once. In November, year-round, and so it’s now so distinctive this Christmas pudding thing and the recipe hasn’t really changed since the Victorian era like it. Still, that kinda dodgy suet raisins, dried fruit, mixed peel, brandy and sugar, all that stuff is basically the same thing. And because I guess that became traditional at that point I think the victory lap tradition and their alumni traditions coming in that time as well, specially rang Christmas and my Christmas trees and Christmas crackers. But once those thing, cook them in a basin or a mould, so the original way of me pulling into a big in the copper sieges Prowling probably impractical to make a big red grammar pudding recipe with you have to steam for eight hours and bigger salaries. Back then, literally, like animals, was pretty impressive on a Christmas table, especially if it’s covered in flaming brandy. Yeah, forgot about the setting on fire, setting a fire part during this area as well think the custom of pouring brandy and setting it on fire. Also become quite popular and we still do that and it’s really fun, specific reason we do. That was just someone just because it was fun and everyone else started doing think it’s just aesthetic like, why not being things is a thing more as a way of cooking them than just going to make this fire on the table that there is no reason for a long tradition of the symbol of fire and light Christmas time or at Winter Solstice adjacent time, so I surprised it can become a thing right and I’m not go on to recipes and so when I made I use the pudding basin and that became more popular because it’s just easier, it’s less messy if you make it an appealing class, you then have to deal with what festival ever goes wrong tide across uptight enough, then back and be pudding disaster water gets into your pudding is gonna go wrong and and secondly you’ve then got to deal with a whole mess of getting out of the class and then I guess washing the core somehow use again. And yeah, that some gross yeah so particular. If it’s gone cold. Anybody trying pudding from stuff, and to do that, so am doing in a pudding basin and so moving away from a cannibal shape and go more into that kind flattopped half dome-shaped and telecoms in hemisphere. Yeah, super fancy, you can use a mould jelly mould. If you have seen toying jelly moulds that Victorians loved making like Castle St Christmas trading. Who wouldn’t love a pudding Castle was on fire while for the Kings. So yeah, that’s that kind of the way I elected to do as well and am victim of its own success because became so traditional and so iconic, of being associated with Christmas just didn’t really change for about a hundred years and and now, because it’s not chained because traditional very rich, very heavy thing is not really to our taste anymore, and although a lot of people, especially in Britain. A lot of people still have an Christmas. It’s not something that everyone can alike, and might be maybe one of two maybe three people that will eat and then like the younger people and family will just go to cake or something and not that popular anymore think that whether you love comes in value can have the Swiss role. This chocolate covered Swiss role. There is an open effort to reinvent it nowadays. Yet things like simply mumble one with the whole orange in the middle that sold out everywhere years ago. I didn’t hear about that. Heston is a peak test. The middle is combining it with like a pond, pudding, sieges got to suet puddings. Not a lot of people like to smash together unfurling erasure Sussex person records. This filtering has to write about testing as wafer further review and I talk what goes into now, and I was unaware that we had any family recipe that already. But when I when I went to make Christmas pudding and I mentioned that my mum and she was like, we have a family Christmas recipe is from my grandma, which is my my great-grandmother, so that was a really exciting and she finds this recipe which is written on a little bit of cars and from my great-grandmother’s mother. My mother sighed his name and I kid you not, was either fish amazing. Also remember the fish family who married a guy selling the bird so the family took that into Marie’s amazing country names her so am so sorry, apparently, and my mum would go with her brother to migrate grammar’s house and on stir up Sunday, which is the fifth Sunday before Christmas, which was traditionally the day on which you would make your Christmas pudding. And yeah, you Christmas pudding on the Sunday before and then it won’t go off. It will not, in fact, one of the recipe book they have. It says the pudding is good for up to 2 years, presumably seeding the whole time. I guess such as a feeder, but you did so those that don’t know, seeding it being just adding some alcohol to every now and then making imagine a little shop of horrors type pudding monster that you people was established puddings different so alcohol your Christmas pudding is good for a long time. It will be fine, but you need to read email, recoil it before you to otherwise be white sent so-called yeah: study not great woman study winner. Once is what built Britain entirely truth so they would go to Grandma’s house. Sunday and help her make the pudding and everyone in the family has to stir pudding. Good luck obviously and, as mentioned, and great either would make all her large quantity of the contained and how the suet found suet raisins at the same assault on through yeah mixed peel and sugar, eggs stuff six tame yeah also a large cooking apple and Apple have lots of feelings about this bullet will be too sweet yet and has mixed peel, you are moving some bicarbonate of soda ^ ^ and the rind and use of an orange and lemon hall peel at yeah so you can grate it in, which is what I do or you could just like UN, you can appeal against an alcohol so apparently my program. I used to use a bottle of Brown ale expect so doesn’t have to be brandy and VAT in a recipe it says, and 68 tablespoons CBCs a fairly liberal measure reportedly was like a brown elder. I don’t ask again so stipulates Brown ale, brandy or dark barley wine, so I assume it when very different sleepers and I think brandy is more about like Wolf alcoholic, whereas ale is a very distinctive taste and short value when we taste like, but I assume that’s just use whatever you got away when he guffawed at the time because branding so I really like that because it shows that is not just one homogenous thing like Mxit a bit more real because you know people are using what they have what they were in what they can get some of family recipes recipes so obviously I didn’t make this recipe to the letter because it says there is no method given except for the sentence steamer set at least eight hours and I do not have patients, nor do I need that much could and I very much reduce the quantities to make only one pudding which only needed to be seen for an hour and half in a pressure cooker does seem more more sensible yet, and how big this pudding with the eye know what made several puddings like a large one couple medium-sized ones, and then a few smaller ones as well, so their work. There were multiple puddings involved came, although I yeah if you made this one big one. I assume it would be just seemingly about all day cutting the size of a small dog. I also have the a of recipe from our don’t know what the title of this book is because the covers partly torn off as a 1970s cookbook by Marguerite Patten, which has fantastic recipes him and I was certainly going to more some point and rate them I sold yet there is Christmas pudding, so I found it for some reason is next to oxtail soup because they both delicious. I don’t know every Knoxville soup soup that this this recipe is slightly more reasonable than the one that increases about the brown ale and yet this is the one that says 6 tablespoon and this one also includes gonzo to which the other recipe which is probably dissolved includes black treacle and white and an yes, although they’re essentially the same sugar right into different flavours like my parking recipe uses black treacle angle syrup because they have different flavour profiles a yeah traditional Christmas pudding has that very dark, rich taste so Americans that black treacle as molasses so yet as 1971 also has instructions on how to make it in a pressure cooker and which dramatically reduces the time needed sectors here about now have to do hours depending on size pudding at a potted history of Christmas pudding and a report back on her taste so am yet I went on a little bit longer than expected. Just a lot to talk to be so rich, her hands would you like to perhaps wash down their Christmas trading all yet with Irn-Bru Arno. Anyone else worse. But I would like to know I’m mod paper from polygon RPG ideas. We have a podcast if you like to hear RPG advice on how to use assorted incredibly bad ideas as actual ideas and actual day, then listen to Polly Babcock, available on pretty much every pot capture from the sorry talk about Irn-Bru. I do this once reminder listeners that we do have a patriarchal access to discord, server and recipes, and potential threat to make your very own mini episode on what everyone at thread and we also have an adverse red case you want throw any ideas away, or you are sending episode with us, so I know I ask this a lot, but the answer is always expected all do think Irn-Bru is just experience of things that we looked at this podcast, I would think, although Ben expected some guess that hundred years old. Yeah, when you think it’s wrong. I was not in every Scottish is give me a country I have no idea her so Germany so the first drink I can find, called Irn-Bru spell actually spell Irn-Bru as opposed to IRM BR. They are, you can speak as opposed to IRM BR you exactly from New York in 1899, while not coming yeah, and the concept of homebrew is American and you can’t get it in definitely Canada, think, and there’s a different formulations in North America and because there’s a colour Internet, which isn’t allowed in Canada. So why is it called Irn-Bru extra something that struggled to find does have an Cyrix citrate in it and ammonium ferric citrate is that actual iron and it’s a molecule which has iron in it. Okay. Site make you strong think that’s the idea. Yeah and sorrows produced by the masts and rolled Stephen chemicals company, and just because that was the sort of people making soft drinks in the 1800s and got copied there and eventually she was a London company that made flavourings, made an Irn-Bru drink. In 1898 and then in 1899 bar which still makes Irn-Bru, as well as a lot of other soft drinks and trading much about and have record saying that they were selling it, then even though officially they started selling it in 1901. So what is the truth so that this is the only new conspiracy theory that something happened with Irn-Bru written years UN Irn-Bru truther. I am an Irn-Bru first. That’s just the weird thing and then in the 40s they changed how they spelt it from. IN rule, the normal words to IRM – BR you be a more recent branding, saying definitely that sounds like the trendy replacing letters but I suppose thinking about that soy is anything to trademark application said that spelling is from July 1946. How 1967, a bar tartan based on the Irn-Bru colours of orange blue-and-white was created and was registered as the Irn-Bru tartan with the Scottish Tartan Society on 12 September 1997 and Irn-Bru kilt is entirely doable. They now sell 20 cans a second. A lot of Irn-Bru so dismayed by bar to Coca-Cola is the number one selling soft drink almost everywhere in the world apart from Iceland through various places in the Middle East, where Chelsea and Scotland, where it, Scotland’s second national drink whiskey. I love that although sometimes it’s made in Russia. Why is it just easier for distribution. So do despite them saying in the 80s that was made in Scotland from girders major made in Scotland and Russia from secret ingredients and three people know the recipe, the founder of bar daughter and one member of staff who is in charge of actually making the staff so still have the IN chemical does still contain ammonium Terrace sulphate ferric citrate and also contains caffeine and quinine. I guess that will kill healthy which are listed as flavourings okay as there’s a lot of debate about what Irn-Bru actually tastes like people so bubblegum. I strongly disagree. Tastes like nothing bubblegum flavoured ever had pink. Okay, I don’t think had Irn-Bru so can’t really weigh in on this one. Comparison can make is rosehip, a handsome rosehip TMI media sought was if I put sugar in. This would taste like Irn-Bru hello no hello is that better. Can you hear me, yeah, can you get website hotel when I said I know had Irn-Bru forestry said about bubblegum before people have seen, saying that it tastes a bubblegum which doesn’t is like any bubblegum bubblegum flavoured product I’ve ever had even adjust his pink just a taste think because comparison can make. So I think is rosehip. Okay, like I’ve had rosehip tea. My immediate thought when I tried it for the first time was this had sugar in it would taste like Irn-Bru, so I’m going with rosehip T1 rosehip pulp is what you want. Wow. Rosehip because rated cordial that can’t. I do know I don’t like busy drinks in the first place. Really, so probably miss me, but I kind of get why it’s so popular now. Yeah, love it. Scotland’s Simonsen to made in Scotland from girders was there like that they can campaign in the 80s. In 1998 they had the advertising standards authority is most complained about which featured a picture of a cow, and the words when I’m a burger I want to be washed down with Irn-Bru picture that now Hazel is an actual advert that they put out in the 90s, which received 700 complaints wow why I have two more Irn-Bru Irn-Bru facts for you okay and last year they brought out Irn-Bru energy because it wasn’t energetic enough already. Cannot find how exactly it in energy drink, but apparently it’s an energy chain and also Irn-Bru Crimbo reduce limited edition festive surgeon, Irn-Bru Jew, which is apparently spiced ginger flavour and speechless street name for a drug Crimbo reduce Crimbo is solely middle-aged, middle-class only imagine it as some sort of lake cocaine coffee to think about technically so my final Irn-Bru in 2015, Jeremy Corbyn had his first official trip to Scotland as the leader of the Labour Party and photographed drinking Irn-Bru on the train home because earlier he’d refuse the can and it was pointed out that it would probably harm as imaging Scotland interview didn’t drink subclass not getting anything. I will back hello. Okay, I think it’s working okay. Clearly, yet geological and not politics to my last fact is that in 2015, Jeremy Corbyn had his first official trip to Scotland as leader of the Labour Party and on the train home was photographed drinking Irn-Bru because he refused to can earlier and people were worried it was, in effect, his image in Scotland if he didn’t drink it. I also did not see as surprises. Also the colour orange. So Irn-Bru could make or break the next election. I don’t Wanna get into that those just a lot going on with. So think thank you for listening to our strange and confusing focus is the only place where you can hear Christmas pudding and Irn-Bru discuss in the same space. When this episode goes out I will try to remember to post that Irn-Bru advert because honestly, what on earth were they thinking, yeah, is eye-catching how much is eye-catching is the fact that half of the advert as bright orange memorable. I went so positively to thank you for listening. If you want to talk to is about this have a Twitter app read in French compressor for seeing this Irn-Bru just sends pictures of Christmas puddings, but that’s much jollier. So thank you for listening and will talk to. Next time you are you are you you you

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