Bread and Thread – Can Openers

Then said a podcast about food and domestic history. I’m Liz

and I’m hazel we’re two friends, who studied archaeology together and love history,

so before we do the making and baking this episode is about can openers because of bean dad for insert midwinter celebration here I got Nick a brewing kit.


so we currently have some bitter ale in a big bucket to turning into beer in the kitchen you have life in your kitchen

we’ve named it Steve at the suggestion of pencil from probably bad.

And when would one get to taste Steve’s juices.

Theoretically, it should be done tomorrow because our house is not a consistent degree Celsius because that would be incredibly expensive and might take a few extra days. The kit came with a hydrometer so I can keep an ionic excellent yeah that was a can also calculate the ABV, which is very exciting because I liked science and a lot more like efficient and high-tech.

My brewing process which is just like put sugar and yeast and fruit in bucket leave sometime hope there is alcohol,

We did third dump everything in a big plastic bucket saying that you hydrometer is useful see though how much they can have before your drunk and also so that you know it’s done, especially since we were planning to save some of it for the after times, whenever that is so beautiful to be able to like inform other people how got locators we have. Steve plans sounds very ominous, but I just been trying to make medium stuff think they can also find something we can make beer with a sourdough starter and you know we have one of those so that there would be a fun experiment.

Okay yeah whole new world of alcohol.

We have Steve plans sounds very ominous, but I just mean trying to make need and stuff are fighting made me think Nicholson found something we can make beer with a sourdough starter and you know we have another okay, so there will be a fun experiment yeah whole new world of alcohol. It is the classic because Baker’s used to give growers select leftover yeast or starter and stuff like that to make their beer in the deal. Delays, yeah.

In turn, connected through sharing yeast and it developed into one of the most important industries aggressive today and Marmite just a duiker date yet. I read a lot of people don’t. I for one devoted admirer which now I think about it like there’s absolutely no reason that I should. Apart from, I dunno, I just like something deep inside me likes the Marmite

unrelated that we seem to be a tendon spiral and cats really like yeast apparently that’s why they steal bread like the smell of yeasts and no one give a.

I’ve never felt more related to them right now I get something we can all enjoy the smell of fresh bread science, let us know and I finished the hat and I can’t remember if I had finished last time and I work on this jacket and and all things a fair amount of and things because that’s very satisfying right now and and I think my next project will be making a dress form because I have a little bit of an Christmas money and bootstrap dress forms are apparently and fairly relatively cheap to make, so I may go down that road, and finally have a dress form and I can drape thing, so anyone who doesn’t know and bootstrap bootstrap – or just check and yet I could fashion and so you can send all of your measurements and they will send you like a custom pattern progress once they have made yourself. Although you have made yourself. And so, like you do need to have sewing machine and make now discern stuff and but for that reason, it is a lot more affordable than buying a custom-made dress form like from what that’s already made and so I’m coming ago and was the height/all yeah I kinda feel like I can actual person who sews things now. I am so really know Joe, but you make me look like I know I’m happy dress for my room. Plus I can dress it up in things and put it right in front of the door get people if you have a home alone you resorted.

Hence, yeah, but I could just, you know: also says no. They also said a can openers arrears. When this goes up. This will no longer be a thing people are talking about the moment with topical where the tower topical where we record not necessarily when the gazelle but you know account, so do you explain the whole being. Dad situation for anyone who doesn’t live on the Internet

basically and Internet and musician John Roderick spent six hours telling his daughter to figure out how to use a can opener, rather than teaching how to use a can opener and there turns out there’s bad parenting dad trended on Twitter for two days so the first notable thing to happen on the internet

years off to start. certainly is taking the Socratic method way too far. Like it’s a technique for helping people learn that late until the child doesn’t eat the six hours. I mean, it’s not like that that kind of teaching method is not saying I will just figuring out it’s like helping the right questions in order to guide somebody towards something the teacher to cook because she will burn the house down and I drove the car. Figuring out: sometime anyway fluids and Internet trivia aside and tell openers to openers what everyone a call at the two also opening food sealed in a special metal container and yeah so that you, there’s never one when you one absolutely up, but I really thought much about their history before so I’m interested

so I will talk about can food another time. Can anyone adjust focus on the opener. This tank is a surprising amount to say it might be a lot and basically tinned foods originally was basically opened with a hammer and chisel, including yet instructions actually on cans of food, saying coach cut round the top near the outer edge with a chisel and hammer like this was the expected method that this poem the cans were heavier than the food inside them because it was the leg late 18th and early 19th century okay and how it was a relative English think is mostly for the military. At this point and we didn’t have industrial warfare servers relatively niche. I mean, I feel like as a way of resolving foods like people could have had other methods. At this point and I mean it is effective, but I don’t have effective early canning would be at preserving food. What we now also to as canning. Even now can be putting stuff in glass jars with metal lids. They can own all the US as a thing as canning home-grown produce by putting it in like a mason jar of something similar, which is a glass shower with a metal lid. Stuff like jars and like like it, unaware and confusing, so Kilner jar. I’m referring to glass down. They can also be like the hinge sealed ones, jazzy mason jars are just saying. And then, yet is also the ones with the hinge scandal okay which summer buy, but these of the Kilner jar TM is the same as a messenger piling fur listeners in different places thing we have a jar you put a circle of metal on top and then you screw something on IK. I know what were yeah an inventor called Peter Joanne was making these iron and tin alloy cans and yet they were very sick. But eventually, and different industrial technology meant that you could make thinner tins and seal develop onto the canopy that looks like a crackly way best to go around the edge of the top of the tin cutting into it and which is the kind that you get a Swiss army knife are always the two Kepler is just the way that it looks to me is because it you got the long pointy bit and then the shorter, less pointy bit like not, it’s not cutting out the top. Kind of like piercing it out doing that yet was invented in 1855 by a surgical instrument maker, which is a lot of overlap is something handheld the cuts. Things yeah make sense, can surgery you did surgery on a It does sound a bit more efficient than the hammer and chisel in the legacy. This is only doable because they’ve managed to invent in a walled cans but, interestingly, that kind of open during the American Civil War was also deemed too dangerous for domestic use. Okay, were reminded that this is the normal kind of travel to open that you get in this army knife and similar stuff. I guess that those are for manly men out in the world who don’t have time for the Tony things knives in the kitchen. Also dangerous for domestic believe it’s something to do with because they use the skeleton, they do have a tendency if you don’t exactly know what you’re doing to Kenneth slip off and there is a potential of slicing your arm open. Okay, definitely see why. But at the same time, they sound more dangerous than other kitchen implements a chisel, so a safer version of that was was then developed and for specifically for pickled beef and learners bully beef so that rings a bell that to do with military suppliers well and so are general preserved me thing in the US but was also part military rations. It is why we have that military suspicion because it was with the army longer than it was in domestic use. Okay, and Turner’s corn before spam and it has that turning key on it all, and not for a long time and by no you mean. So go the pattern to this love. His name is J. Court probably said that wrong. In 1866. And yeah, the lever tin opener wasn’t really big saying this point still directed this key that you could basically attach to a flap of metal on the tin and then just basically paid slowly ripped the tin open shirt did have to have a different kind of key for different shapes tin though because different foods were sold in different shapes of 10 like they still are hiking and running something like, and milk. You still had to puncture the JS isn’t as bad in its liquid because you just need a whole, rather than to open the whole thing yet. I mean, I guess you’re still need some kind of cam opening because you don’t like. Not every can you combine the same yeah when he’s got an places like the others on account from Connecticut and not long after the American Civil War, which best estates. The cloaks in shops would open the tins for customers. Others found that safer testing defeats the point somewhat because understanding of your canning food at the source and then shipping it around. But if you then getting it opened at the shop you got very limited timeframe without food is foods. Yet another journey your house without only one cylinder is a reason the claw -shaped open and never really became a big and then eventually eventually in the 1890s you get a can opener with a serrated wheel mass produced. It was panted like 20 years earlier, but the mass production took a welter to kick off and burning in 1920, figure out adding a second wielder hold onto the can might be a good idea. Equally as dangerous without sober talking almost a hundred and 50 years between can food and reasonable can opener be one of the most long-awaited invention yeah bids the one that meant that you could open the can, without also having to hold onto the can can openers leave kind of a sharp edge circular mansion that was quite useful in of H. Very easy to injure yourself on an open can today so I guess the invention is still out there like the perfect can opener has not yet been given to the one that like renders the can. Completely safe at the same times opening, yeah, guess cutting sin metal and having it not be sharp is beyond modern technology like you want to go in the direction and there is the combination can opener and knife sharpener. Okay, in a busy just live for danger in the kitchen opening balance of life at the same time, though there is there is a modern, can opener, but Shea I enjoy, which is the one touch invented by Mark Sanders, basically clamps on an impression and it turned itself around and opens the can most good from wagon accessibility standpoint, it’s a one-handed, can opener, you don’t you don’t need both hands operator yeah and also you don’t need, like hand strengths. Even the one yeah you need to hand you need to be able to break the thing off as can openers that nine-year-olds to pollen example from the might struggle with using from the physical strength standpoint. Also like as we have just pointed out and handed the shot in hand. For example, a nine-year-olds who have opened the can before my not be aware of that and potentially bad savings and you don’t need a can of that of the can nowadays do because a lot of them do come with poles/tabs/everyone: especially the drinks drinks cans. Now those are great unless you get one of the ones where you pull. It Comes off before you open the car. Yeah, those are ideal your deflect what they can do now my options are limited and I will admit to being like one of those very, very foolish people who occasionally opens cans of the night disco/aware Oregon to govern a can opener, have been known to do that I know is not a great idea but also, sometimes I just really want to do all sister been invented actually in the 20s but is still being perfected now would say different companies experimenting with different shapes of whole different shapes of ring Paul and he can find online and if if I can refind et al. because I forgot to bookmark it out to link to it. There’s a typology of ring poles that someone is painstakingly together and pour or do their future archaeologists are gonna love this like they will be had by like someone gone through and done like a really accurate taxonomy for like early by keeping belt buckles or something and we like time that they were made on my guard so the final step in can opening technology at the moment seems to be computer can it is a resealable drinks can pass and then you put it back on all use for a casinos private label energy drink. Okay casino is sister company called casino are private label energy drink energy drink with a resealable and those imagining that you could only get this drink in a specific casino which seems a lot to embed something you concept of the premium energy drink is still wild to me the kids choking Red Rooster with just tastes like fizzy apple juice. I am not sure what that premium drinks apart from the others. Resealable curtains say that every brief history of can openers to know players all that jazz. I mean all of this confirms my. That the trickiest kitchen device and apparently it took some that to just get a usable version, incredibly efficient and fantastic method of preserving food. The only polymers we can’t get out again. Take 50 years from a problem presenting itself to finding literally any solution hammering chisel. I guess you know that can be the solution enables customers not condone chiselling random objects, but I do 60% of this podcast opinions of individual podcast as may be different from the official line is not represent thread incorporated Coward my paper from Polly but RPG ideas. We have a podcast if you like to hear RPG advice on how to use assorted incredibly bad ideas as actual ideas are natural gay then the polybag pocket available on pretty much everybody capture from a bad day when he goes at it since about, given that was still in wintertime and which I guess is quite regional and local ladder because sloes don’t grow everywhere, and so so Jen and if you’ve not heard of before, is a type of flavoured spirits and that is very traditional in Britain and it’s made of gin, sugar and sloes, which are the berries of the hot outside Blackthorn plant also merits no other. You can, and I mean we would want the raw, but you can make regular fruit leather. Apparently ham which is a bit of in no, you old lady would run away any of the fruits of bound either immediately edible makes sense, but also don’t force on there is a need them. Please eat yesterday and and slows you can’t eat as they are either really. I need to try but it would be a great time, notoriously part stringent, but you can flavour alcohol with because people are nothing not inventive when it comes to food. And you know that when a waste Berry harvest you use it somehow and so this is how slow gin developed and it I really like it. It it can be drunk and meets as opposed normally you would bring one adrift in the sodium is sweeter because the sugar and really nice labour and and it’s popular now, so resurgence as the whole hedgerow sued them generally are thinking the UK which is quite nice origin becoming trendy again and and and the resurgence of some of these more traditional and like craft and food answer, and it is beautiful, ruby red colour as well and it just and but there is a lot more to it. Then I realised that so am quite a long way, but not massively long way and so it became became a thing really in the 18th century because of two things. Firstly, because of sugar becoming a lot and because of an and secondly because of the enclosure and the notorious enclosed and passed by Parliament to enclose common lands into private land owned by Gentry and that meant a lot of hedges being planted to close off the land and when the most popular plants to use and those hedges was Blackthorn because it’s very spiky and dense and keep people out and livestock in and so there was this sudden abundance of those everywhere and people alike. Use the because you by great so slow. Gin became was kind of like a home and like you, you wouldn’t really go out. I don’t think there was anywhere that was making so Jen Jen was very popular and in this. As well, and yet it was talked about the ruin before, but now origin that was being made was so we say, great quality air Irene. Some of it was what you moonshine. Today, some of it would be slightly poorly made. Jen and so basically the cheaper stuff which is what you would be buying. You were not rich and wasn’t like the greatest tasting and so slow. Gin kind of as a way to improve the flavour, especially now that you get, and you had all these these three slows used to improve the flavour would be made at home and and it got bit of a reputation being like the poor man’s sports highlight this and this spirit that was associated with buses since an and to extend still true today because a lot of people, I think, especially if their fat family is the countryside will remember like my grandma used to make sodium and and it never really, on as a mainstream and until the early 20th century, so am just is interested as well, and an ancient hedgerow is defined as a hedgerow that was in place before enclosure Acts, so you can kind of tell which one is because hedgerow that was planted as part of the enclosure Acts always wanted since, well, contain a lot of Blackthorn and a lot of these these kind of woody shrubs and that why use that were planted to know for the purpose of like enclosing the land, whereas an ancient hedgerow hedgerow that was in place before that will have an added definition is should have five or more native species and it’s a lot more diverse like a lot more and and a lot more kind of different plants and rather then more the same stuff and that was just put up quick to enclose things like quick and efficient and and sloes are actually like it can be difficult. Different D. It can be difficult to differentiate between sloes and damsons, and because sloes, damsons and bonuses, which is a great word and are all kind of similar -looking, small bluish blackberries and claim baby clams and but damson trees and don’t have the maximum that bonds have, and they do look a bit more like mini funds and because they got them coming from them, whereas sloes are more close to the December taken to help, so it wasn’t until the late 19th century that this home-made started to be produced in like commercial distilleries and and studied. I guess they were picking up on it being quite a popular thing. By that point to make and although it should be that there was also a large temperance movement in this. Particularly in the late 19, and an Edwardian period and so there’s, there’s a lot of antialcohol sentiment going around still making this so mostly wonder how many people temperance movement and secretly making sodium people might be hypocritical sometimes have absolutely not so bit more fashionable and more well-known in the 20th-century degree. The 1920s and I guess the golden age of cocktails and the slow gin fizz was invented so that a cocktail that involves gin and champagne, and apparently in some cases, egg white, which is unappealing, but is in a lot of cocktails to make it to scanners fizzy and frothy. Yeah, big big froth right immediate. I’m that is a menace address and remain popular 1960s, when it kind of fell out of fashion. I guess with a lot of things that were seen as more traditional and stuffy kind of fashion. Only now that it’s starting to come back because now it’s seen as something nostalgic and natural, which shows the trend at the moment and I guess because it’s getting more popular to home and is something you can do you live somewhere whether an so if you have to make you identify your slows and you’re supposed to traditionally after the first frost comes quite late now. In our modern days of global warming. Unfortunately just happened to her as yeah I not that long ago, and you know it’s so slight late December, which, and given that sloes are right around October time and it is quite late, so what you can do instead them when they’re right. In October, and freeze them because the whole point of picking them up to the thrust is that the skins will be a little bit cracked and so the juices will have a better insert your alcohol since is fine and what I spine you pick the grapes when they’re all frozen and that makes this post to make the wine sweeter second German desert line. Okay, I spine and the same thing with those and freezing them achieve the same effect and and then you your slows into a jar, you add sugar and depending on your taste back and be anything from you spoonfuls to half as much sugar as size, so if you like it sweeter. A mooring not. I mean, there’s there’s recipes the differing amounts and many just fed up and up again and you leave it for a good few months and and you every cell phone you studied, turn the bottle and to let things sort of diffuser and is old but after at least three months you will have a drinkable sojourn but is saying is better and but not having done a lot of experimenting, I couldn’t comment on and but you will definitely have something that you can drink and will be sodium after three months so they very call oh idea slow gin existed and it was made of stuff from hedgerows. Baden know that I didn’t until I looked into more and my new how to make traditional thing my grandma made it, and I’ve made a couple times but I didn’t know the reason why became popular, no being) and that something and and why there are so many and that hedgerows and so you really interesting and something that I thought was just a traditional rural thing and actually came about because of bigger events and I guess we cannot about that and we cannot do look into traditions that much perhaps working for indeed warrior we look at things we do will soothe ago why that intonation so I guess we say so. Thank you for listening and we have a twitter if you want to want to know shows pictures of your Cano flows and fences at Blaydon thread and we also have a picture and read and read it you would like to hang out with and get some rest. Even things and and if you have any ideas or subjects that you will have a email at bread and bread If the next episode is be another one where Woodward deep dive into a person or a book. City have any suggestions for the do let us know otherwise and publicly go the obvious ruined a Mrs Beaton oh and am I I received and an original 1960 copy of all Kirk Christmas so I am giving making zombie recipes and putting pictures of an great please join me for some interesting recipes and their stories. Please make the Virgin Mary’s favourite spinach. Make Virgin Mary, there is good I will also be making an all. I guess I won’t, because like duck is kind of expensive, but an there’s a recipe for Genghis Khan’s favourite duck recipe and before Christmas we had did make martini verboten. I am not sure I’ll go as far to make martini forbidden, to hear more about it listen to last years episode about the bull cook. Please visit our patreon, thanks for listening and we will be back in a couple weeks

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