Probably Bad 28 – Big Hairy Men, The Movie Speed, and The Johnnies Stabbington

It’s a miracle we have made it through the darkest of nights. Thanks to all of our patrons, but especially Hedwig and Carlo. Welcome to twenty twentyfun.


hello and welcome to probably bad podcast a podcast which is definitely bad. I’m pencil.


I’m paper today’s probably bad RPG idea is an urban setting campaign where, in the end. Turns out the supernatural doesn’t actually exist. I thought we would start 2021. With this one because it’s the first ever probably bad posts.

This is one of the things responsible for all you’re hearing right now. It has a whole 24 notes.

but I do really like it as a kind of it feels kind of obvious at this point, but the idea that it’s like a very paranoia kind of thing it’s like these guys are vampires we need to take them out and kill them all you kill them and they’re just guys

turns out most things will kill them if you put a stake through their heart

yeah you stabbed emos it’s nothing

you successfully like purged the goth population like my interpretation when I originally made it was you show up at the head vampires lair for the final battle and it turns out it’s all been an elaborate prank when it’s under so women, Frank just all your friends got together with magic is real in your sorcerer called Cthulhu, but gas lighting Collymore accurate bank which will possess poems but there is also something in the idea of a supernatural game that gradually transitions into a sci-fi game yet this ideas like there’s all these folks and spirit directly aliens which i’m now realising is multiple Doctor Who episodes like I think Duncan yet

to be fair, most it’s in a more traditional fantasy sense not seen many of the traditional sense of both Doctor Who already established really seem like you wear it and see. There are vampires so forth, going around and Dennis slowed high fancy website owners manage blood technology seems same thing with the with more cult kind of seahorse, all could be quite a fun twist. Unlike a chain-link game. Yeah, it’s not the realm of a it’s another planet with different rules you something ferry and it turns out ferries rashly crossover rely fairy stories UFO ology anyway and there’s the sufficiently advanced technology sufficiently advanced technology using stings, contrite rip-off of the world.setting that Alaska you convinced you tell your people will completely straight until the point of which there are about Nothing. Like Selling for Just They Genuinely Believe from the Beginning Thing Is Real by Light Stone Natural Mutton of the Full Moon and Used for Serious Change Volume, the Next Full Kilo Campaign, despite What Yeah Slowly Escalating for Some Wipe out Your Jails Membrane Keeps Coming Back to Coal As an Elaborate Gaslight Narrative, Though It Would Have To Be Done Very, Very Carefully, It Could Be a Really Interesting Story of Wesley the Upper Class Brainwashing the Players Who Would Be Most of Middleton to like the Working Class and Be like You Have To Do the Things We Say Otherwise the Creature from the Full Get You Then Have To Literally Realise What Was What Happening in Many Kill All the Posh People Can Feel You Could Do a Legitimate Horror Based around the Monsters on the Old Be Deceived, like, Yeah, Just As Going Back like Some Going Back.Torchwood Because Obviously we all want to talk about Torchwood, but It Was about Where It’s like there’s a spooky country village but it’s just people killing people

Yeah like the Idea That Monsters Are Been Misinterpreted. Like People Using Monsters Cover Their Crime and Sing Gas Lighting Deception to Get People to like Do What They Want to Solve Fear of Monsters. Stephanie like This, like the One Good Episode of Sherlock Was the Hound of the Baskervilles. One Well I Thought It Was a Big Ghost Dog, and It Was Actually a Government Conspiracy. Just Take Anyone Slide Source, but Right Conspiracy That Stats Are Any Sort of Give Right Some Government Is Aware That the Paper Gets Terror Just a Parcel of Give You Some Do Do Do Do Do Do Patient Content Podcast Myself Podcast Is Yellowish, Disorders of Software Seagoing Would Be More Kind of Get Crypto Zoology Sense. Where Are Genuinely White. Other Creatures Are Thing Is, yet Discovered Not Supernatural and Just Undiscovered Life like That. I Must Man Israel, but His Action Just a Really Big Mouth, like Son of Yellow, There Is There of Human Species As Well As Homo Sapiens Demystification Game That Is a Monster Week That I Want to.

Okay, so Can’t Actually Ship It. So It Is Looking for like Some Kind of Humanoid Creature Mrs Philip Could Maybe Make Big of the Same Thing like It’s a Bit Simple Hairy Man. Yeah, You Zoology Theory Is Aware What Became Natural Creature like the Forecourt Will Vampires May Just Be Kerryman Bearing Player, Then We Know, I’d Rather Gaming Therefore Has Noticed Enough for like Paper Says That They Will Bias That Is Possibly a Criticism RPG. Yeah, When I Sale Watch a Film -related Needs, Take It with a Big Pinch of Has Willingly Wants to Climb Mount from Outer Space about Five Times and Social before We Go into like Planning the Actions of the Big Men Take What’s and Light Shade except Now I Believe We Have Questions and Could Read and Read What You Might Enjoy. If You Are a Fan of Food or Other Financial about Things like Regional Foods, Ancient Breeds of Sheep and Pretty Much Anything Domestic Estate like No Why the Legal to Import Sheep Iceland and What Was Presented by Victoria Harriet Knapman Then Financed at Bread and Bread on Twitter or Everywhere. This, Yes and Is the Other Question You Can Email Me at a Got the Email All Just Podcast. Yes, the Request, You Can Email from a and messages on Tumblr about RPG ideas and so the first question this anonymous first question is how to find a D&D group run answers, only terminally explain no title. I feel like the best way to this if you take a copy of our most right and leave it better then justice and what works at the what if, what if the person flicked the book out of the batch up with a stick, or they went to Wiley to play with the southerly puzzles to fast like FAS sauna testing. The ability to track then don’t invite they think to bring a 10 fold every single workplace to go, then you know that the lighter built, so this is building towards build actual dungeon full of traps and monsters which I guess in this context, angry animals, dungeon, and anyone should like your basement with And like anyone who sufficed to solicitors terminally. This is the sister for yer like a son, but it is going to local games chart with some small tracking devices to slip them into people’s pockets are many can find them wherever you are always fighting to have to tell them Dean sitting there like, you know, reading a book and then you just climbing through their window holding character sheets weight RPG time you bring up five consecutive phone numbers and say, hey guys you play the days and if they say no fairly inanely to kicks in different phone numbers because these one sunless 20 phone theoretically infinite boss, boss of the bus goes below 50 miles out loans and away like, okay, was question while was to past game of the bus goes below 50 dice our so you’re basically saying is find the tackiest film you can and then copying and then played Hindi with the survivors, yes, have Indicated That I Only Know the 50 Miles an Hour’ Is a Film Reference and Not Film It Is to like IPhone Know It Is a. And Yes, I Feel That Just Choose the Worst Reference to the Worst Film And the Survivors Going through a Ball around on the Roof with a Guy Named Mark Who Has a Comes up to Join You As a D&D for Something with Reference to Figure the Sinus Now Timed Question Which Is Also Thomas Help You Know When a Sandbox Campaign Is over. When the Cat Ships in Her. I’m Sorry I Have How You Know What I Think Generally If There’s Nothing Left to the Players Then Sandbox Games over Seizing the Game Can Just Keep Going until Everyone on the Planet, like Basal Samples Camping Opening General Goal Is to like Players Destroying but If There’s Anything in the Setting That Seduced and/or Start Denting Still Going to a Natural Answer Sandbox Game. It Really Is Just a Case of until People Stop Having Fun Because I Feel I Running a Sandbox Game Is Basically All about Displacing Various Threads in Front of Your Players and They’ll Follow Someone Leave Some Anything like Escalate Some of Them, or Just Say That They Resolve Themselves and It Basically Finishes When All of Those Threads Are Tied up like Yeah I Think It’s Basically Do You Feel That There Is More You Can Do and Place of Interest. Watching Isn’t Vegans, but Didn’t Go to Good Advice. Yeah, I Think the Players Stop Playing or You’re an Out Of Ideas As You Could Argue Was the Point Which Campaigns Yeah Mean A Lot Of Campaigns End before the End. If You Get What I Mean. Just Because I Scheduling Happens Is Making Me a Little Bit Sad. Yeah. I Mean, Yeah, I Think It’s the Campaigns Alike Samples Camping Big Campaign. It’s Just A Lot Easier to Understand What Campaign against Working Only Six A Lot Easier to Satisfy That It Is to like Planned. I Run a Campaign so the Group the Pencils in Which It Went from like Thing Level 3 to Level XIII or Something like That and I Think We All Wanted to Do More with It by a Just Felt like Yes This Is Where These Characters of Ended up. This Is Where This World Ended up so the Campaign Stopped Here, I Think, Is Always Important, and It’s Something I Have Is Not Trying to Campaign Funds Stories but Don’t Do a Supernatural, but I Think Intel Were Recording This at the End of 2020 Is Getting Really Introspective Course of Thing Is like to Accept Stud Collapse Society Build a Little Hold My down Fry Is Very Much a Feeling of Loss Whenever Camping with the Campaign and If You’re Lucky Enough to Have a Group with More Than One Day Emanate You Get to Play Instead of Running the Game through Their Body Come up with Another Big Game That Will Make You Very Happy and Sad When It Ends. Since the Circle of Dice so 20 Question Excepting the James Acknowledged All Things Pass Everything Has a Time, Everything Has an Indie Mellitus to One Last Question, Which Is Also Anomalous. You Have Identities 2020. What a Character You Never Got a Chance to Play Because so Many Have a Problem Where Make D&D Characters When I’m Sad Mine Would Be a Competent Version of Myself Definitely Played That Higher Campaign Where We’ll Played Basically Discomforting Versions of Ourselves and Magic Powers. Want to Know. I Have Never Been Yeah Thing Characters Have I Never Played Characters and Noblest in Atlanta. Problem Make That Is an Issue I Think It Was like Trying to Do, like Doing, Remember This Is a Very Unhelpful Answer, and I Realised As I Stated, like Doing with the Subscription Page from 181, but so You Have Characters. I Think the Think about Most Is Probably a Major Little-Known Wizards Because Name Was Think Nothing Was What Remains in the Book and Ensures This Little Old Lady the Was Basically a Quack Doctor and She Went from Town to Town with Her Friends, Selling Just Fake Medicine and Being a General Carnatic, but We Only Really Got One Session Because Enough Things Happen. But Oh, I Really Want to Bring Her Back and the Tiny Little Sleaze Tiny Little Sleazy, Amazingly Yeah, I Just Kilogram Doubt the Book Because I Didn’t Know Anything about the Setting Stitching and Likening the IB Tolling Any Children. I Have No Terms of Being a Parent of No Tickets. I Will Name Your Children. Nothing May before the Incidence Gets a Different Know Mr Bridge Namesake Is Dr Maguire. Children Are Basically Is a Small Electric Fiddle with Things the Magic and Sewers Are Living Apart. Gnomes Are Just Children, Which Listed Awards. Gnomes Are Just Free Range Children, Whether Feral Children Are Saying Is Just Pharaohs, George, Human Children Learn to Make That That When Okay Are Holistic like a Have This One Character Play Couriers Sad Dad Breaking of the Video Intro. The Sad Dad and His 80 Three Is Called the Way of the Drunken Master Monk and Because He’s a Sad Dad Arose over Time Jealously Also Has Eight Knives, His Weapons at His Face and His Knives and His Abbess and I Haven’t Even Got to Play One Session with Him and I Really Want to. One I Wanna Put Him in Some like Big Campaign Arc. It Is Having a Midas Is Called Life. Dad and I Love Them to See Name I Would Play a Videogame Is Just Nice. That Is like a Slight Mario Theme You Have, like Dozens of Children and Each Been Kidnapped by Different Monster You Always Monster Factory Thing Is Guile While Ago, and I’ve Been in a Couple Campaigns That Started since Buried Hasn’t Quite Stated Any Need the Right Moment for My Dad to Really Shine. What You Need to Do Is You Originally Make Another And Then at the Point Which Must Make Another Character Named Di. And Then My Next Character Is Nice Dad Who’s That Characters Dad and Then As My Dad Dies My Grandad since My Knife Click Knife Knife Great Grandad Might Just Knife, Yeah, Helped by Good Excuse to Play a Resident of My Line of the Killed Someone Back from the Dead to Avenge the Kill the Sky like Another Reverent Show That Reference and Then Another Weapon. They All Slightly Bigger Time. Each of Them Has Light One More Knife. All You Might’ve Killed Me, Johnny. Three Knives Have You Met My Dad Johnny for Knives like First Survey May Assess Your to Your Question, Johnny for Knife Stabbing, Which Is My Answer to Questions from No Figures about As Much Mike Stabbing to Thank You for This. They As Tense As You Have a Patron of the Bad Average Ideas. If You Want Bonus Episodes Homebrew and Access to a Disco Server Where We Do Sometimes Play Games Largely Based on Probably Bad Average Ideas That Arsenal Was Great Fun. We Don’t I’m Afraid Happier, No Yeah We Have That and the Email, Which I Did Remember Eventually Because It Just Firmly Podcast I Am Very Tired Is 20 December 2020. Spinning Yeah You Guys Your Ability to Listen, 20, 21, Where Maybe Things Will Be Slightly Better. Maybe All This Just When You One of the Two, so Have a Good Year but Have to Do

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