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Hello and welcome to bread a Podcast about domestic history i’m liz

and I’m Hazel. We’re two friends who studied archaeology together and love history and also making things

and we so when you making recently anything spectacular to be honest i’m continuing existing projects

did learn that if you make brownie in a bundt cake tin you get late because I really like corner pieces, CLI could wedge the sake corner piece, but then as you go through it again really, really good research is the best of both were how all corner it all, but it’s still glory. And sometimes, pieces of dry are as Brownies. If you listen to this: make brownies in a bunt tin right now. Later that does it, just like one giant Brownie cut it up. To be fair, if you make it as a tray bake. It also comes out as one giant Brownie that you then cut up yer but what if you are, just take a bite. One is a pancake, if not a giant donor.

This changes everything

your mind. has been blown

Yeah, that was the real time sound of my mind being blown by the concept of Brownie do now at some point have to make like an actual doughnut batter and bake it in my bunk 10 just like how I think new baking a bunting seam bread being done in an adult site between bread and a cake to do this, solid, definitely. What have you been up to,

and so are + i.e. bragged about my passionfruit and so I actually save the skins and I am I tried dying because I got interested in natural dying, been interested for a while. I can really bothered so sensibly, like the interest will build up until I have an impetus to actually do the thing so because I very rarely have passionfruit because I live in England and I was like I should like to your n see what hello. This makes an well what I got was like page pointing yet was not inspiring. It definitely works like it’s gone a different wall when different colour so encouraging and maybe that was bad. Book a natural dying, so watch this space is very exciting. Yeah, and I really wish I dying with road because it doesn’t turn blue until you left out of the dye pot and expose its oxygen and then it just magically goes blue, meeting you did say you planted some world to try and die with ideas, and then am the country that was like lapping the soil just kind of get over there, but it’s like there’s like Godzilla, comfrey all-rounder and there’s only like three forward, so hoping they’ll spread a bit and also my motivation gardening is very fleeting, so I basically funded and I was like okay, done in developing the senses really cold rate now. Yeah. And so, you know, suitably it’ll still be there and I can see from I think maybe I shouldn’t have fun. I should have planted it in them parts first, then transferred it because my problem was I liked Doug over the grounds and and then which took ages and then just planted it. But the problem was there were lots of seeds for various things already in that soil, and so when things like coming up. I couldn’t tell what what was woad and what wasn’t was difficult sentenced literature trying to say that’s a true tongue to Mr which is apparently also one yeah silent know what to weed out and what to leave Sinai just have a lot of light, but they don’t want some weed think that time, I would like greater bit first member at the men, so I know what to take out but going Monday to speaking of Segways tried to get their tea. Excellent, yet I know what they say any specific kind of tea or just like the realm of tea and focus on the classic camellia census, which is the black is black to okay air long floaty classic teams go so like the same species. They’ll come from the same plant. Technically, if it isn’t camellia’s analysis entity saying, and that includes that is a different plant, a hero. I always thought it was the same plant, just like a red version robust tea which I’m never sure how to say betting is rooibos and comes from a South African plant called Slim Yaris okay and really census and my will to guess from the name comes from China. Or at least that’s variables like Southwest China to bear north in India, zoning the T-zone. People found in China and we named it, so it’s consensus and superhighway city tend to come under. There’s like words that sound like tea and was that sound like shy, and I found this great map which basically illustrates the if that he spread through land-based trade routes tends to be a shower or a cheap child and then if it was through, and shipping lanes tends to be a tea. I see interesting way become different. See some of China’s very big and contains different languages. Just Mandarin Chinese, and in one of these languages and more inland. It was char and in a coastal one. It was take so it is purely just getting it from slightly different Chinese people. Although circle. I wonder if it could explain my dad who like talks about tea all the time. But then, specifically whenever it is making tea after like a really long task describes it as a cuppa chart into its common for older British people to call it char, and probably because of British colonialism in India game. It’s of evolving from Charlie and the middle-class calling it that, because they got from India. Therefore, it was child or Che or something in that zone and this is calling it tea getting it through more through an the East Indies from front and Java, that kind of region visits. It is a very good demonstration of the thing. I’m not very good at explaining verbally, apparently, and so do know either of the self supposedly origins of tea. There’s a Chinese one, and there’s an Indian one. I think I know the Chinese one, and the story is like there was a princess who was doing something out in the gardens. I can’t remember what involved, like water and a leaf from the tree above her fell into her cut and an was delicious. Basically yeah, it’s sometimes as a princess and sometimes it’s an M probe are based drinking just hot water was a thing in ancient China is supposed to be healthier than drinking cold water and the Indian one is a grocer and the story goes that am principle did, the founder of Zen Buddhism vowed to meditation nine years without sleep towards the end of the nine years he fell asleep. I know You were so angry that he tore rough as eyelids and threw them to the ground and tea plants growing up the sake little bit like eyelids. I guess that there is an absolutely horrific story that is entirely horrific. Kind of love it. I do like it more than the Chinese one. Just because it’s like makes sense like I can see how that would happen, just like the heartache. Yeah, it is interesting that its Zen bodice snow supposedly December that took tea to Japan. I came so there’s a Chinese book called the charging which is just which is about and basically considered the definitive text on key for the time and its author was known as the T. St and yet based on this book. The tea ceremony was developed which was then exported to Japan by Buddhist missionaries. How like a lot of a lot of Come think of the word, but you know when and something originates in in one culture and then goes to another and then kind of ends up getting transferred back to the first one again that it different, and then so-and-so, love cross pollination against other interestingly apparently the Buddhists reusing it using tea to stay awake during meditation guesses. If you don’t have coffee at the most caffeinated caffeinated yeah, but I just love that because I can entice back to the story scoring malinger helps to stay awake out of his own islands. Yeah, best not to think too much about that part to the first European to write about tea was an saw missionary and a Portuguese one, who visited China and the writing ability at this period took the 1500 is a bit odd, so there’s always rumours about this mysterious drink and possibly the salting the leaves and eating them after boiling them need some salty leaves. I don’t like salad worse than selfish on the same level as British people trying to eat potatoes roaring when the first mate small as well be hard to beat it with a spoon salty spindly think it would have got popular probably not know about because of something that is just so commonplace to the day and the thing that our ancestors in the Westlake absolutely no crook what exotic Eastern beverage makes its way to to the west through Dutch traders and public code of the East India Company, there was a Dutch one as well. Yeah, yeah, they have a lot to do with the spice trade as well. Yeah, we will absolutely do not sit on spice was because that is a whole pain. There’s a lot of background and beer drinking tea as an elite activity spread very quickly from Holland and got popularity in Britain, though with Garp and Catherine began the remember her from Forks. And yes, she was Portuguese tells a second of England, who she married a grab in Holland so they introduced tea to Britain as well. Basically, a 17th-century influencer, absolutely immune at this point the Royal family basically are influences what what they do. Everyone else does. There’s the story about Wiggs becoming popular because the King of England was bald and takes everyone I started wearing words, the witch King is and it’s also probably exaggerated, but it sits ahead of the story, and I was one thing alone in this podcast. It’s as it’s a good story, then can spread absolutely, you know, probably should PSU got the Dutch East India company and then the British one gets set up afterward very quickly establishes a tea factory in Macau, which is yet on the coast of China. Yeah and yeah, just keep spreading through a combination of very dodgy trade because colonialism and also just regular colonialism, but those appeal for story and this one probably is true about the British East India Company and busy trying to find out where tea actually comes from the can end this Chinese enough so the TV cameras. The British tea committee in the mid-1800s, sends Robert Fortune undercover to China well defined process. I think her particular one, but essentially somebody smuggling tea out of guy, but this is a bad guy and superbug Chinese tea experts okay and then you have in the 1820s and large quote marks here discovering and tea bushes growing wild in Assam and Darjeeling words which may ring a bell if you like tea and combining that with this knowledge to setup and tea estates in India and Indian team was became a lot more popular than Chinese tea in Britain again. Outside, he was already like the tea plant was already in India, but people just went drinking on the problem is most of the accounts. We have our by employees of the British East India company came so like a said the word Discover certainly a choice that was made by British people doing capitalist colonialism. I feel like I can applies a lot of the subtext, yeah, yeah, they they found the tea and then there when I know, let’s grossing tea that HMRC was, yeah, that’s the basics of how to got to Britain, but I think I do have to mention. And yeah, I’ve been learning about tea, grading, and it’s a lot so I’m receiving. That’s when you separate butties into like this is the best TEM versus the ability yeah so you have an OP which is an essential orange pico, which is basically this is a whole decent leaf. That’s what you tend to get in looseleaf verses and teabags, which tends to be the lower quality stuff and then can be described as things like flurry golden flurry to peak golden which are all those ourselves, increasing quality and to peak golden is just the very tip of the leaf charm is its tip and top is unlike the name of the character really does add so young sir aren’t untagged of all must yeah try to foist from Gussie think nothing, but she doesn’t combining different letters and to make the different grades and the very very best tea is F TGF, OP, and which, apparently, there’s vacant inside joke among tea aficionados that it stands for far too good for ordinary people can basically sticker be in front of any of those to just say it was like that. But worse as the loser broke, I guess. So where when you get this magical perfect tea makers are available to to find it on any of the places that I buy tea from, but I am in the player Harrods or something. Yeah, that if anyone has a tips on the far too good for the people to try led in learning a lot about tea and which TZ like an subtle differences between different kinds I want, try very, very good tea that your life is an so depressing about the tea, especially green tea is seen as a very healthy thing, especially things like antioxidants get thrown around a lot. I use the green tea boxes all the time like detox or antioxidant like anything says that troop meeting does have more antioxidants and all of the good things and so basically the colour, the colour tea, self, and green why blue, black, and describes how oxidised it is okay to green tea is has been oxidised all contains all of the good stuff are okay. So back to you, been dried or oxidised rather than dried to an OT lease. The certainty that that we would buy in a shop are dried. Oh yeah, okay, and the years. It’s an double check that I think double check yeah and Tis except the leaves are exposed to hotair and they oxidise in similar way to like. If you burn something it oxidises just left cell because it hotair and so green is pretty much not oxidised and then white is a little bit and then glue, which is a long and describe a semi oxidised and then black is just a it looks like that because the oxygen has done its thing. Okay, and I don’t really understand how antioxidants work, but if you oxidise the thing has fewer antioxidants, which makes sense like in my brain because of the words that I don’t really understand cannot account. Yeah, you know, in word sense… Once Slough will also have a lot of as well to be fair, as a kind of folk medicine we have, to same site, herbal teas and yeah think the reason that they tend to be referred to as teas to St as one because people know what he is, but also to same tends to be much more like medical herbalist kind of way with everything to it like that if I offer you a nettle to same the same stuff, but one of them sounds I can try to cure you of something and the other one sounds nice drink. Yeah, I really provides anything that is made by putting a plan in hot water as a team, right, and Mike only learned what to say no like a couple years ago, one thing that I Wanna mention the four error as I realise I talked a lot and to tea is made generally from the leaves of the community access, but there’s also to teacher of vulture tea, which is made of the stems and twigs lush. Wow, was. Actually I currently have some because every a subscribe to tea subscription box and the semi-sunken future in my box of February and is honestly lemonade. Honestly, like the those most was kind of an astringency to it, and the mega sweetness green tea, but it yeah’s complex tea complex is like not just believe you can drink the whole planet entirely drinkable. Having come across the route being used, but I bet you can use the roots while tea is amazing before his doesn’t look louder. Wanna say that we have a Petrie on and just read the thread. There is a patron exclusive server where we talk a lot about crafts and food and things and there’s monthly recipes and if you subscribe at $10, pounds et cetera and will make a bonus episode just for you. I mod paper from polybag RPG ideas. We have a podcast if you like to hear RPG advice on how to use assorted incredibly bad ideas as actual ideas are natural game, then this is a polybag pocket available on pretty much everybody capture from a bad day so actually my local other today is accidentally relevant because it supported very short one because, like almost all of the information I could find a message in Portuguese and I don’t speak Portuguese, and so there is pretty light on history side, but I just, I just want you to know that this exists. We specifically you specifically and also everybody else am I now assume your project using a is not a header before probably wouldn’t very well known outside Portugal and so this from my was thinking about fish and chips and a Y Wanderers like that. There tends to be a version of fish and chips. Most places around Europe so close on hours like I wonder how different fish and chips is around different places and and so this is because it has to be properly regional. You know I can’t just be like for the country because it’s local at the actual regional food within country, so this is from the Portuguese city of Jabal, and which is on the closed and it south of Lisbon. How about Lisbon and by not as well-known as other places in Portugal because there is not as much money as there is in Lisbon the moment and so it’s not as popular. Like touristic and that it been. It had a very strong fishing industry and basically forever, and the centre of fish canning in the 19th century, which can eat and so they have a very famous regional food. Those very associated with city. It’s called chocolate Frito, but it would have chocolate in it right to our media saw its price. Chocolate yeah cuttlefish okay by cuttlefish and it yeah. Apparently they like oil because of this, with some herbs and garlic and marinate it in white when vinegar and then like covering cornflour and riot that does sound delicious cuttlefish, squid, and is nigh. I feel like it would be tasty and nominally served with a lot of fries like them crispy chips or rice or something and on like you can have it as I can side just on its own. And so, yeah chuckle. Frito is an and I decided love the concept of this famous cuttlefish thing because I had cuttlefish being eaten before, but makes that this is just in Britain, your main exposure to the concept of cuttlefish is that weird how things are put in the cages. Yeah, sometimes you find on the beach and you’re like, what is that so and so is an and in such about their is there is a restaurant that serves it. There is also a small museum to the history of cuttlefish K museum to girl. Yeah I the problem with researching the road trip is expanding places you can get this apparently because those so famous and in fact so popular, but it is kind of a local icon now and there are statues of it been able to dish. I don’t know. I haven’t been able to find any pictures of the statues I die. Just know that there are geography dose that you statue cuttlefish (again specific dish is probably you cuttlefish related, probably, I dunno, please, if you listen to this and your Portuguese and you know what the geography dose that you look like, send us a picture. Yeah, we need this. I need to see. Yeah so and so kind of linking into the R went when Joe deals, I mentioned that most of the eels used for this iconic British London East End. This come from Denmark or Collins alike. Yet somewhere there is Britain, and so they do selfish cuttlefish Jabal and but they had a small, now the big ones anymore, so the big ones that they used to actually India and also connections kind of the LR places that have this really popular historic food is like no overfishing over production of this thing and means that it’s is not able to completely make the students of anyone since its definition to think on yeah yeah and related thoughts. As you might say that. Anyway, I decided just wanted to talk about your graffito because I now know the exists and could not keep that race and myself and I’m glad it didn’t. And here is if you have an episode suggestion or want to say hi or want to send us pictures of statues of fried cuttlefish and mill bread thread At worst, on Twitter, bread and bread, so check out or pictures and links and bangs and updates on when those come out and also me posting hints as to what the next episode will be because I like doing that I get and we will see. Next, you are

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