Probably Bad 30

We made a new friend its merrit a fun new friend of the show, joining Hedwig and Carlow. It makes me all tingly and my insides enjoy the show.

Hello, and welcome to the probably bad podcast a podcast which is definitely bad i’m pencil

and i’m paper, we made a mistake. Watch the movie file.not very good title of this episode was a joke, but then what’s to move only lists thing I have ever seen, because even makes you horny and everyone in this film is canonically evil.

Apart from like two people default to the kind of ha ha spend all my time tackling about how my work being killed by a lot people in the nominal premise of the aid but there is a book about documents made by the arrows are made out of sexy clopidogrel that sounded like it’s a natural something out. The show, which I guess the Qatar when this was made 2012 hour can and on a budget of $12 million. Same for fantasy movie and you can tell you anyway, but made it splitting three pages pieces 30 pieces World and, for Most Movie Right Is a Resort, Is Not Mentioned about Finding the Pages. Most of the Movie. All of This Story of This Evil Wizard Who Used magic to bring about an Age of Eternal Darkness Is Not Relevant to What’s Happening yet. So We Basically We Have a Brand-New Paladin. Taylor, the God of Light Called Grayson Always His Order Gets Killed Right after It’s Recruited Its and and Then He Joins a Bunch of Bad Guys Who Are Looking for the Cover of the Book yet, They Need a Firm Silicon Find the Cover so They Can Find the Pages and Unclear Why She Joins Them Apart from Vaguely to Stop Them Later That Has Something to Do with It, the That Was Not Mentioned Earlier on in the Spell and Yeah You Some Free Evil Stereo Types Based Savage Pay Racially Uncomfortable Pillar. Weird, Honourable Villain Than Wolsey Weirdo Norco S Rants about How Evil Strongly Dominate the Week Mauricio Restriction or Sums It. Sexy Femme Fatale Villain Owns the Hero, but That Her Pain. One of Those Spellings Is Played by the One Person of Colour in the Film, but Is Painted White Point so They Could Film Again Were Saying like I Fit Yeah the Only, the Only Faith Seems to Work.

It Had Have What’s Called a Sleigh Mate with Cheese like Deaf Child Was Legitimately Quite the Sort of Had a Child Voice.the Zombie Pain and at 10 of the 12 Million When Yar’Adua Was like Legitimately Good Monster and See Exhibition Sexy Having Sex in the Pool for No Apparent Reason, We Never Find out Who They Are. They Just Evil Lesbians Was Hard to Tell but They Were Having Sex on Top of the Life He Was Lying Complete with Teams like the Lesbian, Totally Random Point C Was Never What the Same Thing to Just Keep Having Seen yet. Also, Right, Just so You Know Sex Scene Because There Were Multiple Sex since Only One That Really Contributed Anything, but Was Still Unnecessary Was the One between Grayson and the Evil Sorcerer’s in the Party Was a Whole Thing a Black or Lime Good in Your Evil, but We Love Each Other but It Can Work on the Cloud.

The Film Came to Being Emotionally Interesting like the Idea of a Firm You Know Paladin Has To Incorporate Guys As Necessary Possible to Do Well, but It Was like Usefully When He First Created the Factory to Show How Evil He Was 61 of the Village Chairs Which Just Sat down in the Chair to Show How He Was Even No Tyre Thing Had to Feel like like an Undercover Cop Who Was like Hello, I Would like to Purchase Your Drugs. Each Record You Saying Yes to like He Was Still Wearing His Paladin on the Entire Movie Is Trite. Guy’s Jersey Only Concession That He Made to like All I Have To Not Look like a Paladin Is Anger Hired My Pale and Alert against Just in My Pockets Unclear Wary Product down Shirt I Believe Is Still Wearing like the Forlorn Power Uniform. The Likes Shiny Armour in the Big Dramatic Cloak and Everything. Everyone Else Looks Evil TM to Systematise yet He Looks Still Hazard around His Net. Just Put It down That That’s the Tight You to Destroy All You Know, Because He’s so Good She’s Not Very Good Deception. Obviously He’s Just Don’t Ever Suspect This One Suspect This and Are Rescuing Hostages the Sale. Even so, Clearly, It Is Either Got a Very High Persuasion Stop or Everyone’s Idea and Honestly Given This Entire Selma Could Equally Be Either Nothing Little Happens in the Right Synopsis This Half Happens Not so Little Is Basically Yeah the Night Sky Killed for Fines. The Bag Is Looking for the Horn to Find the Book and the Killer Dragon for Some Reason, Unclear, and Then They Can, Later They Find the Sleigh Mate. Nothing Really Happens in Our except the Sex Scenes, Yeah; Guarding the Way to Evil Land to the Slimy Slimming Is Guarding the Cover of the Book yet, When Kansas of the Book Is Divided into Three Parts. It’s Not in the Way You Would Think It’s the Cover the Pages and in. They Have Pulpy Seo and the Inks They Gonna Replace It with Liquid Pain Extracted from the Purists Soul They Can Find. That Happens to Be Grayson’s Dad More so for the Guy That Plays Gerson’s Dad Because I Was in Some Proper like BBC Acclaimed Dramas, and Then He Was in This and Then Most of His Credits Have Things like Additional Voices on His and Mike Half an Episode of Something and I Feel Bad for Him Because His Key Can Act His the Person Who Can Act in This Film He Sees with Him in All You Ones Have Sort Any Sense of Emotional Life Investment Likely for His Son Finds Him and Feels Betrayed and Found Liking It on Sounds like There Telling Maniacally All Intending to Cackle Maniacally. Yeah and and Say How We Support You and I’m Sorry That This Film Presumably Is the Thing That Did That to Your Career Was Solely Ending in so Its Onset Is Also Likely Is That They Have Actually like Procedure Classes from the Book of File Documents Which You Know Is It Neat If You Read It’s Something the Big Bad Swarm of Superhumans Bundled and They Kidnapped This Kind Are Housing along like He Sees Him with His Collagen Site. Opposite, so Your Paladin Right. I Am Anyway Kidnapped Cauthen Grayson and Stop Talking Liquid Pay Any Shoots. Everyone Lays and They All Die, except the Hot Sorceress Lady and She’s like Our Better Eyesight Reception Sex Charge Hero Relationship Teleports Away Very Clear What Most Characters Are Called Fish Reception Gets Precocious Hussain Swarm Looks like the Screen’s Feel Very Much like They Ran Out Of Budget Halfway through the Finale at This Very Possible They Ran Out Of Budget Software like Them in Large Uses Something That Looked like Insect Plague and Is the Sleigh Mate and I Think That Is Where All of the Budget Heading Can Find Any Information on like the Actual Production Process of This Film Because Getting along a Do Have a Strong Suspicion That They Basically Just Boots so They Didn’t. Yeah, It’s like Something Interesting Just Happened. It’s Just a Bunch of People. People Looking around, Giving These Giving These Really Show House Religion Based around Evil Is Because Just like Yes We Can, Age of Darkness When We Will Be Chat Auras Use All Sound like a 14 Year Old Red and I Ran since I Am Struggling to Articulate My Thoughts Because My Thoughts Are Basically the Word No Written Intensely on Letters like If What You Want Is a Bunch of D&D Sexy Spurs with Perry Back the and Somewhat Later, the Heroic Man Walks in Sharing Is like Do I Look like Someone Who Cares about Right Evil. Problem Is, Yes You Do, You Look like the One Person That Cares about Chair Right. Yeah, the Villain Illness Who Are Very Sorcerer She Thought She Just Falls in the Perfume Immediately and Dispensing Entire Movie. Try to Get with Him in the Sleigh Mate Is Repulsed by Her Because She Radiates Lovell’s Right at Our and It’s Just, It’s Just Being Me, She’s Just like She Saw the Character Whose Very Clearly for Snow Interest, Which Makes It Really Weird That She’s One of the Two Big. Yeah, I Have a Series about Her Attraction to Him Because We Know the Girls Love the Bad Boy so Obviously What’s Happening Is That Bad Girls Love a Good Boyish Earlier Yeah It Is like, yet It Does Feel like a Man Love Interest Big, Bad, Interesting Way Just in the Sense of My She’s No Pain Bring to Agree That, like All While You Know If It Comes to a Fight Later. Maybe, Maybe L Tell You. Maybe I Won’t. And She’s like, Yeah, Maybe. And That’s the Last Interaction Is Just Yeah You Did Try and Plunge the World to Eternal Darkness. Your U Basically like Serving Set. The Just Issues like Every Sort. As Already).Source Were Very Practical, so Just Stop Your Sexy Where Would the Suspension Lying by Sexy Women Still Back to the Plot by Someone Who Is to Always Rewrite the Only Way to Get around It. Write Your Writing Softcore Pornography about the System Ago Writing, It Does Have the Same Feel As the Book of File.the RPG Supplement in the It Really Is One Fine Really, Really of PSG with No Understanding of Any Kind of Deeper Themes like Parents, Story Writing, I Should Mention That This Man Has Written SQL Server Resident Dragon God and Is the Other Things Is Written Very Tonally Different to This and She Wrote a Film about a Teenage Iranian Refugee in the 80s to Join the Wrestling Team and a Film Where a Single Father Meets a Woman Whose Perfect Mum for the Kids and There’s Actually an Angel and Where Widow Needs to Save Her Ranch by Working with Convicts to Rehabilitate Somewhat Held Board Sets. What Is This Man’s Career As a Theory. This Clocks This Is the Only One of Those Films That Hero on His Own, yet so Distorted He No Paladin Clearly Died Battling Villains, Imitating Partners and This, the Movie Made by Someone like Feedback Angels (Widowers and You Know All Ladies Are Helping Convicts I Haven’t Posted Our Fight to Write the Worst Football like You Paul G Movie and Actually Eat Met around Analysis Rear. Just As Explosive. I Will Accept Because the Alternative Is the First One Was Pretty Decent. This Was Made by a Production Company Owned by the Writer Writer by the Director and Producer of the First 1 to the Other Alternative Is She Just When Yeah I Guess and Let This Happen. It Is yet so I Would Recommend This. No, the Same Experience by Going onto AO Three Finding Something Tagged with Dungeons & Dragons and with Porn without Plot and Then Finding the Worst Rated One and Acting It out with a Bunch of Random People He Found in a Pub. It Is so Porn’s Trying Really Hard to Have, but Is Not Doing Very Well in like Is Just so Some Little Plot like the Truck File Dogmas Introduced Sort of Start Comes up Again the End. In between, but Even without like Sexy Instead Just Walking a Year-Round Doing Nothing of Any Particular Interest like Say They Talk to Their Pro While Because They Need to Get Together Horn Know That the Mayor Knows Where the Horn Is They Have Multiple Scenes Whether Just Yelling, Back-And-Forth Negotiations with the Mayor to Find out Whether Horn Is an Ill Dragon in like Three Rounds and That Is Everything That Happens in between the First and Last 20 Minutes. Still, We Ate a Six That This Will Minutes Is Nothing We Win These Both Incredibly Convoluted and Completely Lacking in Any Kind of like One Character Will Just Show Character and Inaccurate.and Then It Will Just Always Feels like You’re Missing a Scene Was a Plate of Naughty, but There like Every See Your Slight Every Scene Feels like When Worm Walking Twitch TV Show Halfway through the Episode. Try and Figure out These People Are What Going on, but This Year Time. Yeah, I Acted like a Conger Member Any of the Major Characters Names except Grayson Possibly Says Something That’s Mostly Because Week Because I Kept Saying Grayson and My Heavy Rain Voice If You Hadn’t Reminded Know What Disney -like. The Characters Are, As I Said That the Bed Three Stereotypes Gets You. You Are so yet You Have so Evil, Manipulative and What Is Mind Very Secret Agenda Villain for Evil Stereotypes. One Good Stereotype and a Checklist Chair Thief Has like Carers Seems Well at the Kaiser Thai Hyde Upshot Was like at Their Aims Sucked out. It All Feels Re-It All Feels like Getting off on It, Even When It’s Not Explicit Sexy Paper Said That They Wanted Got into the First Introduction to D&D Absolutely Would Now Which I Feel Part of High Fantasy. Yeah, I Think It’s Sort of Thing. If You Were to Take That Terrible like Camping Had Budgeted to 14-year-olds before You like Understood Nuance and Stopping up to Realise What You Do up or If You Took Any Random like RPG from Our Horror Stories Make That into a Movie That It’s Just Just Not Good Really Is the Risk of Continuing to Rant about It for Another 20 Minutes. Thank You for Listing Terrors Rant about That Film. The 20 Minutes Watch It If You Want I Would I Would Sleep Only Fine All Even If That’s What You’re into, Better Plots, to Be Honest, Earning a Doubt What the Performance Gain, but Surely Most of Them Have a Better Plot. Yes, Thank You for Listening to the Angry Draft about This Film We Just Watched Poorly Disguised There. We Have, We Have ML and Stuff. If You Have a Question to the Podcast or Just Want to Tell As How You Feel about This Film and Can Email Pretty Bad or messages on Tumblr happily bed RPG ideas and we have a picture on my Newton get access to homebrew stuff such as elemental worms and bonus episodes and discovered server and I don’t know why my voice is doing this and a patriot on an probably bad opportunities and cerebral to have a thoroughly bad day because the phone was so bad I need some good in the world is remembered good media members have a probably good day

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