Probably Bad 31

D&Daniel here we have new friends, Brian and Lana. They supplement our eternal friends hedwig and carlo

hello and welcome to the probably nbad podcast I pencil

and i’m paper today’s probably bad rpg idea is… a tabletop RPG with six stats – some gumption, moxie, childlike wonder. The cut of my jib and ne sais quoi while it is an idea they got anything we got tagged in until the speaking dissident idea of not look so do sewers, source, and it was using philosophy should scribble.

Otherwise it’s not yours. Either your good URL by the way you mention the subtle distinction between gumption and moxie.

Yeah, because I’m an intellectual. I realise that there is no such thing as a synonym and that these words would have subtle distinctions and came up with is that gumption is initiative expressed confidence and moxie is determination. So it is you sorry again what moxie I believe those so high. This feels like either very artsy day are all childlike wonder to enjoy your flower or really like serious tactical game verify know you need to make sure you have exactly your in order to not speak what think the cut of someone’s cheaply full disclaimer. I have absolutely no idea only heard it is like the phrase I like to cut of your jib, No idea what little sense how someone behaves like that you have your chip yet. Hence like what you have yet why have more cuts on your chip that makes sense yet and I feel like telling wonder, could maybe work is almost like insight, the more childlike wonder you have, the easier you are to trick high-level is more childlike, low levels, you have to wonder of 50-year-old accountant, whose only hobby is balls against each other and maximum levels. You have the one you stand elegance away establish now then, what fibres these six stats would actually transfer to in a playable game which I’m quite enjoying civil got initiative, confidence, determination, naïveté, demeanour and something else. His mighty you have a sat. You don’t know what it does is it levels up becomes a bit like your certain agency. What becomes more and more certain and becomes clear what actually does say levels. You know your sister, so Thomas like something that you determine through gameplay. Yeah, like the kind of like an some parts of fate where it’s like a well of denial. I guess it’s a character trait now. Like I feel like yeah, it stops authors from certain genetic certain agency definitions. Finally, it’s just just say, just an I say what her friends worked very about French was made to save you know, say French so negative words. Yeah, you can yet you follow Tumblr user philosophy should scribble per student, like messenger resource in our people, ship and social people who listen but don’t follows Tom though which I’m sure there are some of you pencil posted something that was like R1. If you kept the guillotine from your game and used it on, I dunno, maybe just business. Just as a suggestion, so decided to message as that would be reported to Tumblr for wishing death on Jefferies, so just as a disclaimer giving of the tongue like Amazon products. I noway advocate guillotine eject. Measles doesn’t give his poise adequately operates and anything putting it on, probably bad PDA dear suggest that we to condone it. We condemn the guillotine in billionaires and redistributing the wealth is not legal, so please thanks thanks for that contribution, the very social game, yet I noticed we have a fight that could be what yours Yunus requires. You don’t know the sausage is. This is my sword sick. What I low, games are a thing can be good, but it is all combat rules are boring, because they don’t usually enjoy, sequences would what situation you situation where your confidence and situation wayward nation. Confidence is more like high and good at this. I am right and determination is I’m gonna try and sister stuff that your profession and determination is the stuff we’re trying anyway, God dammit. You start or try your best. You know what to do with. I wouldn’t be detrimental to have two. However, moxie staff just keep trying, ridiculous stunts and you will die from yet moxie is your determination, but not look you role to keep trying your incredibly stupid do have an childlike wonder which is literally just see how dumb you are, to some of the some of these are negatives that, and I support this with some master yeah level I have been that might amass that take all skill the venue my life cancel. What if this is a game where all the pieces are him rose well like. It’s like the not an intelligent stat is like the sort of the stone except only pulled out by him rose and sits above work together and they’ll stone saw now their older rightful to you and exploring like the political struggle been keeping Kitty’s six-month but well I think they got confused picked up all stone and took it home with one state while they got the sort. Technically, I suppose they are rehearsals yet. So yes a political gain, and they have to, like, you know, negotiate a stop. As mentioned, no masses service college you walk, France. This is why so many waterfront. Does Britain’s ruled entirely by the councils in those and if you know any history.correctly I write seen pictures of the Plantagenets him was supposed to be attractive to those of you know history are captured seems to USENET. Can they have a mediaeval studies masters so I think exceeded. We are appealing to some very large demographics. Anyway, this game is good of your bonus episode and again happen, even a certain Jesse Kwok could work your destiny. Yeah, don’t know where the DM assigns everyone a destiny and they have to roll to move towards a death. Yeah, so we assume this game, so I’m sorry understating about how it would work in play. Thinking is kind of if you just kind of hoping that this is what you’re supposed to be doing you role your genus Equus. That, and that determines whether it moves you towards a destiny or not. Very weird results, but also whittle Nokia with definitely medicine kind of an Arthurian game makes no sense. It’s fine determines whether or not Merlin shows up to you that what this is a cannon that contains and then he came across a bunch of horny people and had to not be horny with them, work questionnaires, though the him rose on horny enough to resist rather just clueless enough to not realise what’s happening number childlike wonder stack yeah sure I want to start. I use the less, like your juice by room. Yeah I will I will play this game and I will because we have a patriot on probably bad PDA ideas bonus episodes at this in a be a bonus episode and fight anyone who tries to stop making it happen so yet. If you want to see him voting, offering both nights of table and bozo sound like a word. And yeah, yes, we have no questions this week I’m afraid we do have second questions. We have a questions CRASH have a question this week of April 2 ID take another podcast work and yes we do. We do have IGS don’t have any questions this week which hero that’s fine, happens so got second idea and each of the player characters lives in a different any am can travel doesn’t exist. It’s okay. So standard that you’re going and what is so player to insectlike Sligo node is a big stonewalling way men play, one has to arrange things back in at the Stonewall not way in a thousand years and then failed to get them player three in the year, the third millennium needs to Stonewall that essentially you have to synchronise in people. Users of videogame but don’t have the podcast table copy. Yeah, I think I have played a videogame. Kind of like this and not on the scale of millennia, but scan of a couple of years later, another couple of years after that to arrange things to help each other thinking Day of the tentacle. Think of thinking of Dave tentacle you the characters go to different time periods and have to arrange things to help the people another time. To help the present and it’s very play Dave tentacle. Yes, 40, those are copyrighted, so make yourself so this is my original idea is called night of the limb of the world is taken over basic I think the other way to do it is to have the first player from a thousand years ago, Beaver feedback and their setting up once and the way the game to just be shipped could work sheet have an idea so you have a and because it’s grown up is hard to time when everyone can be around same top what you do again woman really understand using their whatever powers they have to do some big, exciting world game second game set out you slated the consequence of what First Lady maybe will need to shorten the time, was the last player so so. Like and so exquisite corpse thing. So with RPG sessions. If you set in a forest. It would be an exquisite cups at the quiet, now notices a podcast of the people it words I do like this idea of doing it like that because what is. I think what we were going from originally was the idea that they’re all working on the same goal like they are aware of each other somehow and can presumably communicate against somehow probably magic underwear working towards this goal. That requires them to do things different time periods, but the idea was can be harder to organise an exquisite corpse type adventure like like a lot of one-on-one yet they RPG type stuff can be think harder, because there’s just one player you can’t just let them do stuff while you figure stuff out. Yeah, I think it be easier to like, arrange time to be quite yeah, you need to make sure you have checked. Yeah, I guess you could do small groups. Yeah, I think it will be difficult because you do have problem that you might not just happy one player sit around while you what I do try words are especially workable idea finally found an idea where we don’t end with and that’s an RPG that we would play like a few like a caseload I fixed. If you have my suggestions from you `all players might want to see what the effects of their effect on what got you go know you’re wrong that stab and thanks sorry I don’t know when talking about the issue of having chosen. I RPG I do in my but I don’t have to make it work if Ron and Harry like a big. It’s like relatively short one player that might easier together may centre on site you’ve got maybe a week in world to do as much can then it’s like Mavis, like, you know, okay, great general, this story be up there final battle something goes yeah like that and then tells the next person like you got one person playing the similarly and one person playing the Hobbit one-person Klingon of the raise. Yes, that you like describe everything to only two like you only starting not take your talking yet time and yeah think I would be in interesting thing to do, but I’m I’m genuinely not sure how fun it would be beyond to very specific kind of player by which I mean the kind of player that I hate who wants to be the protagonist all the time is obviously gonna be one of the ridiculously, slightly so very easy, but no less people into very niche games like the main appeal. What was someone’s like I like RPG’s. What I don’t like is other people while you get them on their own somewhere else. You you are a great general. Oh, so you are half demon arcade of Dragon to swords and your back story is that you are secretly leaking so history’s greatest wizard, you could say lover your like at this as a game for removing problem players from the ecosystem. See the lots where they can get what you live like this day, just like okay, just really should just play the biggest Mary Sue self insert character possible. What character meant for risky credit. We like our clever everybody loves them and they invented Mary’s jail late to go to jail around but you know it is just what work just make your like casinos like there’s anyone else be competing presence for reiterating my pointer. They will be absolute hell to DM, especially if it is Mary Sue jail like you know, stick to read about and read it like a problem with like those kind players is that they Know the characters and to draw attention away from them like that most of your characters, you know, sought mother like you know half against. So like definitely like think SFE like some kind just reset every feel like a lot of taken away: “let’s then it just a case of like you don’t, you get to spend however long building election and the next player is like your consequence of this legible everything I like it. Also like that you could potentially be like. Sometimes plays the stand-up altering law with roles. Yeah idea that you have this big, powerful character in the first one and then the second on-site will actually that’s all I like the idea like it is almost like yeah in. In actuality, wordless right brain shooting sailor, Princess Paul Princess Hawk. Yeah, and what’s that, yeah, you franchises but remember my 10 like oh yes, this humble and quiet man who saw power because of his M3 sessions role to see a well people remember one laboratory much honour and were particularly like creative people is bettering away better or worse I am. I’m saying that particularly creative beagle is a more interesting character than a house Dragon heart Angel house, whatever the other thing was like in this world service someone dies all the memories of remembrance, particularly creative people, so thank you for listening to our nonsense. Once again, guess I’m mentioning the patroness. If you have a question I can email prodded by or messages about RPG ideas tumbler if you want to supporters and away the Getty more tangible stuff than patriot on all we are red bubble. I keep forgetting to mention a swear on red bubble is probably bad. You can get a design within Daniel on it and also some good stuff and so yeah, thank you, and they bad day

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