The Probably Bad Podcast

The Probably Bad Podcast is an RPG discussion Podcast from the minds behind Probably Bad RPG Ideas, discussing the implementation of objectively terrible ideas in ways that won’t destroy your game! Episodes every other Wednesday

#36 – Ratnado, Underdark Therapy, and Be Gay Do Crimes The Probably Bad Podcast

  1. #36 – Ratnado, Underdark Therapy, and Be Gay Do Crimes
  2. #35 – Full Camel, 8 Simple Rules, and Makin' It Sexier
  3. #34 – Kidnapping Jeremy Irons, Roll for Architecture, and Historic Crabs
  4. #33 – Rorschach RPG, Magical Puberty, and AFAB (Assigned Flumph at Birth)
  5. Patreon Teaser: Confused By Its Own Fart
  6. #32 – Identity Theft, Stealth Trebuchet, and Spider Pictionary
  7. #31 – Himbo Kings, Night of the Limb, and Mary Sue Jail
  8. #30 – Against Common Decency We Watch The Third Dungeons and Dragons Movie
  9. #29 – The Tragic Mr Cheese, Extant Characters, and Anxious Democracy
  10. #28 – Big Hairy Men, The Movie Speed, and The Johnnies Stabbington

Probably Bad Podcast transcripts can be accessed here.

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