The Probably Bad Podcast

The Probably Bad Podcast is an RPG discussion Podcast from the minds behind Probably Bad RPG Ideas, discussing the implementation of objectively terrible ideas in ways that won’t destroy your game! Episodes every other Wednesday

Episode 22 – A Probably Special Episode The Probably Bad Podcast

  1. Episode 22 – A Probably Special Episode
  2. Episode 21 – Secrecy‌ ‌Geese,‌ ‌Asserting‌ ‌Dominance,‌ ‌and‌ ‌Harry’s‌ ‌Journey‌
  3. Episode 20 – Againts All Better Judgement, We Watch the Second Dungeons and Dragons Movie
  4. Episode 19 – The Car Boot Octagon, Flaming Bullshit, and Trope Bashing
  5. Episode 18 – Slender Jesus, D&Daniel, and Just Rincewind
  6. Episode 17 – Spare Parts, D&D Tag, and Roll for Friendship
  7. Episode 16 – Magical Bucket List, Raccoon Orgy, and Actual Advice
  8. Episode 15 – Arson, Hatsune Lovecraft, and the Overton Window
  9. Episode 14 – Necromantic Shopkeeper, Dragon Trolley, and Goblin Saturation
  10. Episode 13 – NOT Kidnapping, Fully Clothed Sexy Dances, and Digestion

Probably Bad Podcast transcripts can be accessed here.

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